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Jenny Klein
Season(s) 7, 8
Species Human
Status Deceased (killed by Crowley)
Portrayed by: Cindy Busby

Jenny Klein works for Don Stark. She was later killed by Crowley.


Season 7Edit

She is baking cupcakes when she is hexed by Maggie. Jenny finds beating hearts in the cupcakes and soon chokes on blood. Luckily Sam and Dean burst in and find the hex coin and destroy it. Sam and Dean inquire about the story that Don slept with her, but Jenny shoots it down with discomfort. Sam and Dean later tell her to leave town for a bit due to her life being in danger.[1]

Season 8Edit

The brothers are intimidated about a possible danger to her by Crowley. The brothers enter her house and after a little searching, find her burnt in her own oven.[2]



  • Possibly named after the writer of the series, Jenny Klein.


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