Hell will never follow you.
Jervis' last words.

Jervis is one of Crowley's demon minions on Earth.

Season 11Edit

After Crowley takes possession of a woman named Marnie and kills her husband and friends after an orgy, he calls for Jervis and another demon to arrive. They make note of the mess until Crowley appears, noting that it "took them long enough". Jervis informs Crowley of the condition of his original meatsuit, saying it has been secured and awaiting for Rowena's spell to wear off.

Once Crowley smokes back into his original meatsuit, he gets informed by Jervis and the demon about rumors from Hell, about The Darkness being released. Although Crowley shows no concern, he is further informed that something happened in the Cage. There's a rumor that either Michael or Lucifer was trying to warn them about The Darkness.

Again, Crowley considers the news ridiculous, until Jervis points out that half of Hell is "sort of freaking out", and ask to know what should they do.

Sometime later, Jervis informs Crowley that their ranks have grown a bit thin due to Amara eating everybody. When Crowley notices no one guarding the door to Amara's room, he demotes Jervis and orders him to keep watch.

Jervis and another demon enter Amara's room with a gagged and tied up human, who Crowley presents to Amara as "a little snack", but Amara claims she is not hungry, so Jervis and the demon drag the human back out.

When Sam and Dean infiltrate Crowley's palace, Dean uses a voice recorder to lure Jervis away from Amara's room. Upon seeing the hunter, Jervis dashes towards Dean, but Sam jumps on him and beats him up. He then handcuffs him and gags him with a cloth before leaving Jervis there on the floor.

Season 12Edit

Following Amara and God's departure, Jervis and the other demons receive contact from Lucifer. The archangel assigns Jervis and an unnamed demon with the task of cleaning up the vessels he has been burning through. Unknown to them, the two demons are followed by Crowley who intends to kill Lucifer and secure his position as Ruler of Hell. Crowley eventually confronts the two demons and Jervis, though nervous at first, openly mocks Crowley's plans. In response, Crowley draws an angel blade and kills both demons.



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