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Jesse Turner
Jesse turner
Season(s) 5
Species Cambion (half-human, half-demon)
Status Alive
Affiliation: Himself
Family Turner Family (adopted parents)
Julia Wright (mother)
Julia Wright's demon (presumed father)
Portrayed by: Gattlin Griffith

"With Lucifer risen, this child grows strong. Soon, he will do more than just make a few toys come to life—something that will draw the demons to him. The demons will find this child. Lucifer will twist this boy to his purpose. And then, with a word, this child will destroy the Host of Heaven."

Castiel, speaking to Dean and Sam Winchester about Jesse Turner, I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Jesse Turner is a young, but powerful "cambion" or "katako," being a half-human, half-demon creature. According to Castiel, he was destined to become the AntiChrist and aid Lucifer in the war against Heaven.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even now, Jesse remains one of the most powerful beings Dean and Sam Winchester have ever encountered. While Lucifer is on Earth, Jesse is so powerful that he could accomplish almost any feat by verbally saying it, whether it be shushing a demon or exorcising it just by commanding it.

  • Supernatural Concealment - He is hidden from angels, humans, and demons unless he wants to be found.
  • Exorcism/Demon Control - He was able to exorcise a demon simply by verbally commanding the demon to leave their host and was able to immobilize and silence one with a command.
  • Teleportation - He could teleport anywhere on Earth or universe at a thought. When Jesse went upstairs to "say goodbye to his parents," he vanished, and he has not since been seen.
  • Terrakinesis - He caused a minor earthquake when he becomes angry and clenches his fist.
  • Telekinesis - He was able to move a seat by simply ordering a demon to sit down.
  • Advanced Reality Warping - He was able to achieve very high feats through thoughts or iteration. He grew in strength exponentially with the rising of Lucifer. Castiel claimed that at the peak of the cambion's power, Jesse could destroy the Host of Heaven's Angels "with a word", this may or may not include the archangels. He also turned the angel Castiel into a toy figure with just a thought.
  • Conjuring - He can create things or beings like the Tooth Fairy just by believing in them.


  • Ruby's Knife - Could kill him as evidenced by the fact that Castiel tried to kill him using it.
  • Lucifer's absence - Jesse's powers were activated when Lucifer was present on Earth, since the archangel was sealed again in the The Cage, the cambion's powers may have diminished again.
  • The First Blade - Powered by the Mark of Cain and through the Darkness itself, it can kill a Cambion.
  • Death's Scythe - It can kill anything.
  • Angel Blade/Angel Sword/Archangel Blade - As stronger versions of the Demon Killing Knife, it can kill a Cambion.
  • High-Tier Entities: As beings older than the Universe itself, the Archangels, God, Death and the Darkness can effortlessly kill a Cambion.


Early lifeEdit

Jesse Turner was conceived when a virginal human woman named Julia Wright becomes possessed by a demon. She manages to regain control of her body long enough to exorcise the demon from her body during labor. She contemplates killing the newborn Jesse for fear that he would be evil but instead gives him up for adoption.

Jesse was adopted by the Turner family in Alliance, Nebraska. Jesse's adoptive parents spend a good deal of time outside their home with him mostly taking care of himself. He was unaware of his birth history or even of the fact that he is adopted. Despite his heritage, he is a fairly normal boy: he attends school, likes soup and believes in many common child-age misconceptions and myths, like the Tooth Fairy.[1]

Season 5Edit

After investigating Jesse's history and finding demonic involvement, hunters Dean and Sam Winchester call Castiel in for help. Castiel explains to them that the chaos Jesse has been causing is nothing compared to what it could be if he were to get angry. He then reveals that as the Antichrist, Jesse is destined to align with Lucifer and, "with a word", destroy the forces of Heaven (this could be an exaggeration, seeing as his power can only be equal or lesser than Lucifer's, who could be defeated by Michael). Refusing to allow such a risk, Castiel resolves himself to kill Jesse, with or without the brothers' consent or help. Before he could be killed, Jesse instinctively transforms the angel into an action-figure version of himself.


Jesse with the Winchesters.

In the moments that follow, Dean and Sam arrive and tell Jesse that he is a superhero and they are going to train him in an X-Men-esque fashion. Julia interrupts while possessed by Jesse's demonic parent; she tells him the brothers are lying and that his whole life has been a lie, which angers him. She promises to show him a world without lies. Sam admits to lying to Jesse and promises to tell the truth - when Julia tries to stop him, Jesse intervenes by releasing Sam and immobilizing her so he can hear Sam out. Jesse is overwhelmed by the fact he's half-demon but Sam reminds him that he is still half-human and thus can still be good. Jesse promptly exorcises the demon from Julia.

Later, Jesse asks the Winchester what he should do and they tell him it's his choice. He asks to bring his parents with him and they tell him he can but it would put them in danger because both angels and demons will be trying to find him. He says he's going to say goodbye to his parents but instead writes them a letter, repairs the damage he caused around town (except for the dead), and vanishes. He has not been seen since.



  • In Season 3, Gordon Walker mistakenly believes Sam Winchester is the Antichrist, stating several times his belief that Sam isn't human.[2]
  • Jesse's counterpart, Jesus Christ, is said to have been conceived by a virgin just as Jesse was. Ironically, the prophet Luke named the Biblical Jesse as an ancestor of Jesus. [3]
  • Jesse and Sam Winchester are similar in that they are believed to be destined to be evil and aid Lucifer. Sam himself recognizes this and encourages Jesse not to make the same mistakes he did.
  • It is possible that he went to Australia, as he was looking at a poster of it when he teleported away.
  • Jesse is a Cambion which is a human/demon hybrid just like a Nephilim is a human/angel hybrid.
  • In the future that Zachariah threw Dean to, the entire Host of Heaven inexplicably vanished, and while future Dean said they just left, it's possible that Lucifer could've actually used Jesse to wipe them all out. However, it is also possible that the angels did just leave to another planet, among other possibilities.
  • The way of which Jesse uses his powers to unconsciously manipulate reality is very similar at how Fred Jones do it in Hunteri Heroici.
  • As Lucifer has been released a second time, it's unknown if Jesse has get back his powers. However it's most likely the case.
  • Jesse shares the same last name as fellow cambion Cole Turner, who appears on "Charmed".


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