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Jessica Lee Moore
Season(s) 1-2, 5
Species Human
Status Deceased (killed by Brady on Azazel's orders)
Occupation College Student
Affiliation: Sam Winchester
Portrayed by: Adrianne Palicki
""Seriously, I'm proud of you. And you're gonna knock em dead on monday you're gonna get that full ride. I know it. "
—Jess to Sam in Pilot
Jessica Lee Moore was the girlfriend of Sam Winchester, though she never got to know about his family secret. Jessica was killed by Brady on Azazel's orders in the pilot episode, partly because she was in the way for Sam to find his skills, partly to give Sam a reason to continue hunting.


Early lifeEdit

It is unknown how Jessica Moore lived and how exactly she met Sam Winchester, but they became a couple one and a half year before the pilot episode of the series, and Jessica often helped Sam feel normal. Despite living together and loving each other deeply, Jessica never got to know about Sam's family secrets, or that Sam had been dreaming about her death prior. When Dean Winchester, Sam's older brother, visits to bring Sam along to look for their father, Jessica worries that Sam will lose his chance in university by following his brother, but Sam reassures her that he will be back before Monday.

At some point during the end of the weekend, Jessica made cookies as a welcome present for Sam, before she was killed in the same way that Mary Winchester was killed; sliced across the stomach on the ceiling. When Sam saw Jessica, she seemed to still be alive, but soon burst into flames.

Season 1Edit


Jessica's death is what makes Sam go back to the hunting life in order to find Azazel and avenge her death. She is often the topic of choice whenever Sam is feeling down or becomes attracted to another woman in the first two seasons. Weeks after her death, Sam has nightmares about her all the time, making him sleep as little as possible. In "Home", Sam reveals to Dean that he had visions of Jessica's death before it happened, blaming himself for not telling her or doing something about it. This is also the secret that he used to summon Bloody Mary in the episode "Bloody Mary". After this episode, though, Sam's nighmare seems to dim, and he is finally able to move on with his life in the episode "Heart".

Season 2Edit

In Dean's wish-world in "What Is And What Should Never Be", Jessica is still alive, and she and Sam are engaged. This is followed up with the fact that, in "Devil's Trap", Azazel mentions to Dean that Sam was shopping for engagement rings and intended to marry Jessica before Dean came to visit him.

Season 5Edit

In "Free to Be You and Me", Lucifer communicates in Sam's dreams through an illusion of Jessica, telling him how he cannot run from who he is and that it was that which got her killed. Eventually, however, Lucifer ceases this form and changes back to Nick's shape.

In "The Devil You Know", Sam claims that a demon named Brady introduced him to Jess, and Brady himself states that it was he, not Azazel, who burned her on the ceiling. If so, Jessica was finally avenged when Sam killed Brady. If not, she was avenged when Dean killed Azazel a few years earlier.



  • Jessica seemed to be a student at Stanford like Sam, but it is not known what she was studying.
  • Jessica shares her birthday, January 24, 1984, with Dean. In an interview, Eric Kripke said that January 24 is his wife's birthday, and "It's kinda my Valentine".
  • The studio bosses wanted Kripke to write Jessica as an ongoing character, but Kripke thought it would not work and suggested killing her off, which they liked. The studio then urged Kripke to make Jessica an evil demon character who was planted into Sam's life with purpose, and whose betrayal drives him on the road as he realizes demons are closer to him than he thought. This was used in Season 5 with Brady and Lucifer's revelation of people he knew in his childhood being affiliated with demons.

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