Jim Jenkins was one of several citizens of Greybull, Wyoming who seemed to have cheated certain death within the same week and a half.


Jim was leaving a bar with his friend Pete Hensley when a young man approached and asked if they could spare any change. When they said no, he brandished a 9mm gun and demanded their wallets. When the mugger was startled by a sudden noise nearby, he fired the gun and shot Jim point blank in the chest, and he collapsed. As his friend started CPR, Jim gasped deeply and sat up. He adjusted his shirt to reveal a hole surrounded by gunpowder, but not a drop of blood.


Alerted to the town's situation by Bobby, Sam and Dean Winchester visited Jim posing as bloggers from Floored-by-the-Lord.com, interested in documenting the details of this "miracle." Jim told them that the doctors were perplexed as to why his heart was still pumping like a piston with a bullet lodged in it. He regarded it as God's gift to him, a second chance to be a better father and live a better life. He felt that the angels had been watching over him. He was genuinely confused when Sam asked him if he'd recently swung by any crossroads, or met anyone with black or red eyes.

After the defeat of Alastair, the Reaper Tessa resumed reaping everyone in town who should've died, including Jim.