Juanita's Mexican Restaurant is an abandoned Mexican restaurant outside of Superior, Nebraska.


Located outside of Superior, Nebraska, the restaurant appears to have been abandoned for some time and has For Sale signs on it in 2015. However, it still has power to its partially-burnt out sign, interior lights and kitchen.

After causing the death of Rudy, hunter Dean Winchester uses the restaurant's kitchen to make Mexican food for Death to eat when he summons the Horseman to kill him. After enjoying Dean's food, Death reveals that he can't kill Dean or remove the Mark of Cain without the Darkness being released. At the price of Sam's life, Death agrees to transport Dean far away where he won't be a danger to anyone else. After a brief fight between the Winchesters, Dean kills Death instead with Death's Scythe.

After the Mark of Cain is removed from Dean, the Winchesters emerge outside to witness the spell blasting holes in the ground around them that the Darkness emerges from. The Winchesters desperately try to flee in the Impala, but get stuck in a pothole in front of the restaurant. As the Darkness approaches, the force of it knocks over the restaurant's sign before covering it and the Impala.

After regaining consciousness, Sam finds that the Darkness has transported Dean about a mile away. Returning to the Impala, Dean is annoyed to find it still stuck in the pothole in front of the restaurant and enlists Sam's help in freeing the car. Along with the destroyed sign, the restaurant is shown to have sustained some damage but is still standing.

Amongst the visions Donatello Redfield gets after becoming a Prophet is one of the release of the Darkness and it sweeping over the restaurant.