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Judah Initiative

Photo of the founding Rabbis of the Judah Initiative found by Sam in the Men of Letters files.

The Judah Initiative refers to a secret society of Rabbis engaged in occult studies, which they use on behalf and protection of the Jewish people in anti-Jewish times. They are long-time enemies of the Thule Society, and continue to exist to the present through the descendants of the original members. There is at least one known surviving Rabbi, Aaron Bass.


During World War II, a group of Nazi occultists called 'Thules' started a series of magical experiments on prisoners of war and Jews to master the art of necromancy, the art of reanimating the dead. This activities caught the attention of the Initiative, who planned to put a stop on the experiments of the Thules.

So the Initiative made and then sent a golem to destroy the Thules. This proved most effective as the golem managed to kill all the Nazi soldiers save for their leader Eckhart, who managed to escape with a vanishing spell.


In 2013, the Initiative sought the lost ledger of the Thules. The ledger contained all the records of the Thules' experiments, regarding Necromancy. It was lost during the assault of the golem on the Thule headquarters. Aaron's grandfather successfully located the ledger and worked to protect it. Unfortunately, their enemy, the Thule Society also survived to the present, and was also looking for the ledger. The race to find the ledger resulted into the old rabbi's death, and to the transfer of responsibilities of the Initiative, as well as the possession of the golem, to Aaron. Simultaneously, the rabbi's death caught the attention of the Winchesters. The two hunters then aided Aaron in retrieving the ledger and fighting off the Thules. After Eckhart's death, Aaron chose to take full control of the Golem and continue the Judah Initiative's fight against the Thule saying that he is now the Judah Initiative.

Although the melee resulted in Aaron securing the ledger and securing his position as owner of the golem, there are still surviving members of the Thule society as Commander Eckhart's driver Heintz escaped.

Moreover, it was revealed that the Thules managed to complete their experiments and began to reanimate their fallen allies.


  • Sam's research suggests that the Initiative was somehow linked with the Men of Letters, who had a file on them. The Golem also stated 'the Rabbis knew the Men of Letters'.
  • Occult practices such as magic and necromancy are considered sinful and forbidden by Jewish holy law (Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:9, etc.). However, some occult-like practices became highly controversial within the Jewish community through the ages, the most notorious example being the mystical Kabbalah.

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