... According to the lore, if you could recreate the exact combination of knots that Judas used and place the noose over someone’s head, you’d release a strong demonic curse. Gives the wearer unholy powers, protects them from death... and eventually drives them mad. In the homicidal sense of the word.
Sam about the Judas's Noose' Lore

The Judas's Noose was a set of nooses used by the disciple Judas Iscariot to commit suicide. It can be considered as dark and cursed demonic relic. It was used by demons led by demon Tommy McClane to accelerate the course of the Apocalypse, with the intention that it will be finally used by Sam, to accelerate his preparing process to be Lucifer vessel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In its original form, it appears as seven coils of rope. Six of them scattered across the world (from Bangkok to Burbank), most of them fall into private collector hands, while the other fall into occultists, but the seventh and the last knot landed on USA brought by an unnamed collector. At some point the demon Tommy McClane was able to retrieve it.

The seventh noose appears as a thick, rough rope, stiff with age, its knots dark with a century and a half of spilled blood.



  • Judas's Noose' Lore that was recited by Sam, somehow shared similiarities of the Mark of Cain, in terms of giving the user supernatural unholy powers and mental corruption of the wielder.

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