It's impossible, but... I could have sworn I saw... the Incredible Hulk.
— Kathy

Kathy Randolph was the wife of reported bear attack victim, Bill Randolph.

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Sam and Dean Winchester, disguised as FBI agents, came to investigate the death of William Randolph, which the local police had deemed a bear attack. The officer the Winchesters spoke with admitted that eye-witness Kathy originally said something other than a bear killed her husband, but he was convinced she suffered from trauma, and was thus confused. They then spoke with Kathy, and she nervously described the perpetrator as looking like The Incredible Hulk, as portrayed by Lou Ferrigno. She considered Bana and Norton's portrayals to be terrible. She admitted there would be no reason for Ferrigno to have a grudge against her husband.

The attack had, as Sam found out, left a "giant eight-foot-wide hole where the front door used to be". According to Dean's research, Bill had a history of brawling and spousal abuse and also was court-ordered to attend anger management classes. So essentially, he was a hot head that was taken out by TV's greatest hot head. This led the brothers to believe that someone ordered him "just desserts".

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