This unnamed lamia was from Greece and came to the United States where it went on a murder spree.


At some unknown point this lamia moved from Greece and came to the United States, possibly due to Eve's influence. It arrived in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. When the lamia arrived there it went on a murder spree. The murders committed by this lamia caught the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester.

Dean and Sam examined the body of one of its murder victims at a playground with its chest cracked open, and found a claw. They called Bobby, who eventually answers. They explain that there have been six bodies recently, and ask him to identify the creature they are dealing with after Dean texts Bobby a picture of the claw they found. This monster was identified by Bobby Singer as a lamia and he told Sam and Dean how to kill it. Bobby calls Dean with the information and tells them that they can kill it with a blessed silver knife. Dean immediately hangs up after getting this information.

Bobby later gets a call from Dean, who needs help because their plan to get a priest to bless their silver knife hasn't worked since the lamia killed the local priest. Bobby talks Dean through preparing a substance to destroy the lamia while Sam distracts the lamia. Bobby tells Dean to prepare a mixture of rosemary and salt, which is then supposed to be thrown onto the lamia. After doing so, the lamia is to be set on fire and burnt. Dean did all of these things and killed the lamia.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - This lamia possessed enough strength to toss grown men around and rip open chest cavities.
  • Super Agility - It possess enhanced agility greater then that of humans.
  • Invulnerability - The Lamia cannot be killed by conventional means.


  • Blessed Silver Knife - Stabbing a Lamia with a silver knife blessed by a priest can kill it.
  • Rosemary and Salt - Throwing a mixture of rosemary and salt at the Lamia then setting it on fire killed this lamia.
  • Fire - Setting a Lamia on fire after it has been seasoned with rosemary and salt was fatal to it.