Larry was the husband of Maritza.


Larry co-owns a spa named Canyon Valley with his wife. He is first seen interviewing Sam and Dean Winchester who wish to apply for a job at the spa. The two men want to apply as trainers. Larry and his wife are delighted to hear that the two men enjoy helping people, and say it is how he and Maritza first met.

Larry reveals he met Maritza in Peru and was her first client. He was on a student visa and had an eating disorder due to being homesick and stressed. He was a moment away from a heart attack, until his wife saved him.

Unfortunately for Sam and Dean, there is only one trainer position available. Sam gets the job while Dean is hired as a food server, and works in the kitchen with Alonso, Larry's brother-in-law. After one of Sam's classes, Larry catches Sam wheeling Sheriff Donna Hanscum around, and is perplexed when the sheriff addresses Sam as "agent". However, Sam excuses it as Donna being a bit out of it.

After Dean calls Sam for help, Sam offers supplements recommended by Larry and Maritza, but Dean recognizes them as drugs meant to knock people out. This drives the brothers to suspect the couple. Larry is then shown borrowing his wife from a client to inform her that after a little digging, Larry has confirmed that Sam and Dean are hunters. Larry urges his wife to dispose of the evidence while he deals with the problem.

Larry approaches Alonso and accuses him of messing up his and Maritza's happiness, since Alonso had killed someone which led the hunters to the spa. Larry calls Alonso "weak" and he wants Alonso to leave. Alonso refuses to leave Maritza, and blames the fact that Larry was starving him on the situation. Larry refuses to allow Alonso's gluttony to ruin what he and his wife have built for years.

Sam arrives at the kitchen shortly after to find Larry dead.



  • Larry is one of the few humans to have knowingly married a monster.