You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This Leviathan takes on the form of Sam Winchester, after he gets a sample of Sam's DNA from a motel bathroom. He and Leviathan Dean pose as the Winchesters and shoot up locations across the United States to put them on the Most Wanted List.


Leviathan Sam, along with Leviathan Dean, commits several murders in Jericho, California; Black Water Ridge, Colorado; Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; and Ankeny, Iowa—all places where the real Winchester brothers already worked cases (during the time of Season 1). Their plan is to frame Dean and Sam so that, once they are arrested, they will be easy to locate and kill. He travels with Leviathan Dean in a '67 Impala almost identical to the one that Dean Winchester drives except for its custom rims and Illinois license plate.


Leviathan Sam as a sheriff officer

He dislikes having to impersonate the younger Winchester, complaining about Sam's mental issues (resulting from his time in Hell with Lucifer) and about the food he eats, saying it's like eating "self-righteousness." He even tries to trade disguises with the other Leviathan, but to no avail.

Dean later confronts and decapitates him with the help of Sheriff Osborne in Ankeny, Iowa. Dean and Sam then take his and Leviathan Dean's heads to dispose of separate from their bodies, which they leave with the sheriff. Their bodies are eventually recovered by the Leviathan posing as Agent Valente.



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