A regular at Valhalla, home of the Norse gods, Loki was not a god but a particularly mischievous Trickster (see above). Blood-brother to Odin, King of the Gods, Loki usually escaped serious retribution from his wildly cunning exploits. Often, however, the gods required he right his vicious pranks, including his theft of Idunn's Golden Apples of Immortality. Like his West African counterpart Anansi, Loki possessed the ability to assume the form of various animals.

See alsoEdit

  • Trickster - According to Bobby, Trickster or demi-deity is named Loki in the Scandinavia region. [1]
  • Gabriel - During his time on Earth as a Trickster for millennia, the archangel Gabriel was known to a group of pagan deities as Loki. [2]


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  2. Hammer of the Gods

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