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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Sam: “I remembered how we killed the Lord of the Hunt by stabbing it with its own antlers... And we’d already seen how the gods could only be killed by their own weapons.”

Dean: “So you figured Renee was still part of the gods she created—or they were a part of her—so she could be our weapon this time. Makes sense.”

Sam and Dean recounted their experiences after Adamantine' death

The Lord of the Hunt is a deity that encountered by Sam and Dean in the past, and had been slain.


No much is known about the deity, except that it was hunted by the Winchesters a long time ago and was killed.


  • His Antlers - Sam and Dean killed him by stabbing him with his antlers.



  • When recounting their experience, they also refer to killing gods with their own weaponry. This refers to the Season 8 episode Remember the Titans, where Prometheus killed Zeus using Artemis's weapon.
    • Coincidentally, this novel also feature Greek deities as the antagonists, similar to that of the episode.
    • Note that Artemis is also the Hunter Goddess of Greek Pantheon.