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Dean attacked by bees
Dean attacked by magically-conjured bees.
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Magic is a powerful paranormal and/or supernatural force. The most common art of using magic is spells which is; speaking words in a determinated order, and often is associated with the use symbols and/or riturals with the goal to achieve a supernatural effect. Though magic is oftenly associated with demons and witches, human hunters like Sam and Dean use magic to some extent to fight, locate, summon, etc supernatural beings.

Other than demons, numerous other supernatural races that use or have magical powers, are fairies, deities, and angels. Few monsters like Dragons, are able to use magic as a dragon used a ritual, to open a portal to Purgatory. Dr. Visyak, a purgatory native, also knew of enochian warding spells.


Almost anyone is capable of practicing magic, however to some it requries knowledge or natural ability.  Magic can be used for good (namely White Magic) or for evil (namely Black magic). Dark Magic is used for negative purposes that deliberately cause harm in some way, such cursing to cause destruction or misfortune, to injure or kill, or for the profit of oneself rather than for the benefit of others.

Human PowersEdit

Humans normally don't possess supernatural abilities. However, certain ones such as witches or the Men of Letters can access them through special knowledge or granted power.

  • Spell Casting - The act of  creating, changing, and/or controlling events through the use of  incanations, charms, hexes, rituals, etc.
  • Cursing - Through unspecified means, a native american tribal chief cursed an entire land against 'white' people.
  • Telekinesis - The act of mentally moving or manipulating objects and persons.
  • Potion Brewing - The act of brewing and concocting paranormal elixirs that contain supernatural properties.
  • Reality Altering - An extremely powerful and rare ability. Normally only certain supernatural beings have the power to alter reality to various degrees. Although, humans with impressive skill in magical arts, have shown limited use of this power.
  • Conjuration - Is the act of creating something, this is very strong magic and most human users are unable to achieve it.
  • Summon/Banishiment - It is possible to use magic to summon or banish other beings or creatures, such as Demons or Fairies.
  • Binding - With the proper spells or tools, one can bind a supernatural being to do what the caster want. Examples, are when Sue-Ann Le Grange binded a Reaper, and when Gerry bound the Fairy Glida.
  • Necromancy - Is the use of magic to summon and/or control spirits. This is very powerful and very dark magic.
  • Soul-Channeling - A power used by angels and humans. Angels can channel to absorb souls as Castiel said, "The human soul is pure energy". Furthermore, Henry Winchester a Man-of-Letters could use his soul to power a spell.
  • Reanimation - It is possible using similar death magic to necromancy, one can reanimate the dead, however this is dangerous as it turns them into Zombies.
    • Thule Reanimation - Thules (after much experimentation) were able to reanimate the dead in a way closer to resurection; the reanimated subject retained their memories and faculties, never degenerating into a zombie, but was made immortal or non-aging, and could only be killed if shot in the head, and then burned (or else they would just rewake).
  • Resurrection - Using a ritual, Dean was able to resurrect vampire Benny Lafitte. However, to do so he needed Benny's soul from Purgatory.
  • Hoodoo - Another form of human magic, although how exactly it differs from standard magic is never specified, as both can be used for similiar effects, although Hoodoo is often used for protection while standard magic more often for offensive effect.
  • Shamanism - A branch of magic focusing on animalistic spellwork.

Non-Human PowersEdit

Supernatural beings, that possess magic can have numerous more powers than humans. However, they can share similar ones, like spellcasting. (Note, only powers that have been seen used by supernatural beings will be listed. If a supernatural being used magic that humans use, it will be listed on their own respective articles.)

  • Reality Warping/Resurrection/Healing - Crossroad demons (and some higher demons) are able to alter reality through a spell, it requires a soul for it to work (although Azazel was able to bypass this), there are limits to this, however they are never specified. Angels, (depending on what type) can alter reality to various degrees. And with the help of Heaven's power angels can heal and resurrection other (Archangels and Seraphs don't need Heaven.) Certain deities like Tricksters and Mercury can alter reality to some degree.
  • Pyrokinesis - Kali was able to produce and use fire offensively.
  • Pathokinesis - Cherubs are able to bring lovers together.
  • Angelic exorcism - With a spell, Alastair was able to exorcise Angels.
  • Power Negation - Certain beings can negate the power of other supernatural beings. Some, of a higher order of a supernatural race also often could negate the powers of lesser members.
  • Immunity - Certain beings are immune to other's powers. Leviathans are immune to some if not all types of angelic power.
  • Astral perception - Angels can see what is normally invisible, to normal senses. Demons, can see reapers and Ghosts. Certain deities have this power. For example, Atropos could tell who Castiel was in his host. Leviathans have a limited form, to where they can sense Angels, Demons, and maybe monsters, but not spiritual beings without a host like Ghosts. Nephilim could similarly sense an angel.
  • Cursing - Zeus could place powerful curses on his victims, like with Prometheus and indirectly his son.

Beings that use/have Magic Edit

  • Angels  - An angel is a very powerful being of Heaven. Their magic is commonly done with Enochian symbols. Enochian can be used to bind demons, protect an area from angelic interference, and/or conceal humans from "every angel in creation". Also angels seem to gain a lot of their power from Heaven. However the Archangels and Seraphs aren't held by this restriction.
  • Demons  - A demon is an extremely evil and powerful being of Hell. Depending on the the type of demon, their powers vary in both form and strength. However the most common power shown by all demons is Telekinesis.
  • Deities - Pagan gods are highly powerful beings; who possess magical powers. However not much is known about them. However it appears the type of deity determines what kind of powers they have. Some are telekinesis, temporal and/or spatial manipulation such as teleportation of others, reality warping, elemental creation and manipulation and even spellcasting as Kali is capable of casting a blood spell.
  • Fairies - It is a unique type of magic used by fairies. All fairies wield it, but to what extent varies depending on the type; one of the most powerful known type of fairy are Leprechauns, who claim they could perform feats beyond that of angels, such as rescuing Sam's soul from Lucifer's cage, although these claims were never proven. Fairy magic itself is presumably quite powerful, as they refer to it as "real magic" when compared to Angels; Wayne, the first and only Leprechaun revealed in Supernatural, said this. They can all use it to become invisible and to teleport. Glida a good fairy could use simply thoughts, to alter reality to impressive degrees.
  • Monsters - While, normally monsters don't use magic there are exceptions. One, is when Dragons used a ritual to summon Eve. As aforementioned, Dr. Visyak also knew how to perform spells like enochian sigils. Likewise the Vampire Benny knew a spell to allow him to escape with Dean, which he most likely learned in Purgatory.
  • Witches - male and female Humans who have learned to weild magic. They often sell their souls to demons for the power, though some witches have nothing to do with demons.
  • Hunters - often know a spell or two for locating, banishing, and fighting enemies.


Despite, being a powerful force, magic cannot do everything for everyone. Demons normally cannot resurrect people from Hell, according to Ruby. It was thought that time travel couldn't alter the past or future. However, according to Balthazar when the brothers stopped the Apocalypse, the rules on such things were changed or removed. It is not confirmed if magic itself or only users have restrictions or limits on what can be done, magically.


  • People like Psychics or Mediums have achieved feats, that magic or those that use/have can perform. However, it is unknown if these feats are magical or something else.
  • In The French Mistake, in the alternate reality, most magic was not useable. Angels were rendered powerless. And, only spells to leave or go and only from the other reality work directly. However, it is to be noted that the Goblet of Blood spell worked.
  • The first time magic was alluded to in the series, was in Season One episode Scarecrow by a professor, when discussing the details of the Vanir (a type of Norse Gods). Pagans believed that all sorts of things were infused with magic.

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