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Magic is the accumulation of all mystical energy inherent to the Earth and all its inhabitants. All creatures (both humans and non-humans) are connected to this power and are able to access it through practice and study. Magic is a supernatural force within the universe that does not violate the laws of nature, but is simply a law unto itself that remains a mystery by scientific means.

Angel Magic Edit

Angel magic is an extremely powerful form of magic that is strictly practiced by angels. Because there are many variations of angels, there are also many variations of angel magic that is specific to the angel. For example, while celestial angels are known to possess highly advanced and very powerful angel magic with the ability to banish demons, resurrect the dead, and travel through alternative dimensions, other angels are unable to achieve these feats of magic.

(Note: Although angel magic is the most powerful of all magic, it also the most restricting. This is mainly because angels are governed by certain heavenly laws. Should an angel disobey these rules and misuse their power, they will be given a penalty. The punishment of disobedient angel is highly dependent on the severity their crime. For example, minor crimes usually result in an angel losing their powers, while bigger crimes can result in banishment from heaven. The only being with greater power than angels is God.)

Demon Magic Edit

Demon magic is a very powerful form of magic that is strictly practiced by demons. Due to the fact there are many variations of demons, there are also many variations of demon magic that is specific onto the demon. For example, while most demons are known to possess the basic powers of super-strength and telekinesis, other demons have been shown other advanced powers such as mind control and teleportation.

(Note: Although demon magic is inferior to angel magic, it is superior to human magic. Contrary to popular belief demon magic is lawless and can be used however a demon sees fit. However, some demons, such as crossroad demons, can create their own rules that they may dismiss at anytime. For example, most crossroad demons provide contracts to humans in exchange for their souls, promising them 10 years or more for whatever they wish. While most demons are loyal to their promises, some demons have been known to swindle people by killing them sooner than their deal.)

Human Magic (Witchcraft) Edit

Witchcraft is a practice of magic that encompasses many different types of activities including astrology, divination, spell casting, and spirit communication. It includes the practices of many cultures, nations and religions as well as many books and writings from ancient times. Depending upon the individual, some humans practice their power by certain belief systems, such as Voodoo, Wicca, or any number of other magical practices from countries and cultures all around the world.

(Note: Although witchcraft is commonly practiced among humans, other species have been known to practice witchcraft as well. For example, a crossroad demon gave Becky Rosen a love potion that she used to make Sam Winchester fall in love with her.)

Fairy MagicEdit

Faries' powers, as they're known to come in "different shapes and sizes", are dependent on the fairy at hand, as certain types hold separate, individual powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Different dimensions have different variations of magic. For example, heaven is known to have the most powerful white magic while hell is known to have the most powerful black magic. It is also known that alternative dimensions have magic as well. This was proven when Dean and Sam Winchester traveled to a parallel universe where the magic was significantly weaker than the magic in their world.

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