Marie was a student at a girls' school in Flint, Michigan who created a "Supernatural" fan fiction musical.

Background Edit

Season 10Edit

Unsatisfied with Carver Edlund ending Supernatural with Dean quitting hunting to live with Lisa and Sam mysteriously back from Hell, she decided to create her own "transformative" fan fiction in the form of a play.

However, her play attracted the deity Calliope, who proceeded to kidnap everyone who tried to cancel the play. Marie assisted Sam and Dean Winchester in finding and killing Calliope.

Marie took the role of "Sam Winchester" in the play, replacing Maggie. She sung "Carry On My Wayward Son" at the end of the performance.

Later that day, Marie met Carver Edlund, who praised her work, calling it "Not bad".

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Marie revealed to Dean that she is a Sam-girl, believing Sam to be brave and selfless.


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