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Mark of Cain
Lack of it renders the First Blade useless.
Grants immunity to demonic powers
Super Strength
Resurrection, but brings the user back as a demon

The Mark of Cain was one half of the weapon Cain used against the Knights of Hell. It was the source of the power of the First Blade. Cain later transferred it to Dean, who Cain thought of as someone similar to him, so that the hunter could kill Abaddon.

When Dean used the First Blade for the first time, he felt a murderous rage that did not dissipate after he killed a victim with it. After killing Abaddon, this rage caused him to mutilate her corpse. It later gave him immunity to Abaddon's powers and telekinesis and have a telekinetic control of the blade, all with great concentration, allowing him to overcome and kill her. He also displayed superhuman strength while fighting a vampire and killing Abaddon.

When the bearer of the Mark receives a mortal wound that would kill him or her, the mark transforms his or her soul into a demon so that it can live on and never perish. Whether or not the Mark Of Cain turned Dean into Knight Of Hell is currently unknown.

Powers of the Mark Edit

The mark embules its bearer wth several great powers.

  • Super Strength - The mark grants the bearer enough strength to overpower a vampire and shrug out of an angel's hold. Dean was able to effortlessly hoist Abaddon into the air when jabbing her with the blade.
  • Murderous Rage - The mark affects the bearer to where they constantly must kill something, if they don't they'll eventually die as pointed out by Crowley. Cain, as a demon, was totally unaffected by this and could go forever with the mark without killing.
  • Telekinesis - The mark grants the bearer the ability to summon the blade to the hand that calls it.
  • Resurrection - The mark, if the wearer dies, will resuscitate the bearer back to life as a demon.
  • Immunity - The mark allows the wearer immunity to demonic powers, as shown by Dean resisting Abaddon's telekinesis.
  • Super Stamina - The mark greatly enhnces its bearers stamina, Dean was able to go without sleep or food for several days with no ill affects.


  • This Mark was given to Cain by Lucifer. There are only two possible scenarios in which Cain could receive this mark; either Lucifer touched him using a vessel or in his true form, somehow.
  • The Mark of Cain can only be worn by someone worthy, as explained by Cain. The conditions required to be considered such are unknown although Cain stated that Dean is very similar to him as both brothers sacrificed themselves in order to save Sam and Abel respectively. Dean inquired as to whether he needed to be a killer like Cain, to which he replied he did, meaning that the mark can only be worn by people who have killed, as well as other requirements.
  • It is quite possible, that if the bearer of the Mark concentrates and wills enough, they could become immune to demonic powers, as Dean Winchester was able to fight and become immune to Abaddon's telekinesis during their brief fight, though the Mark glowed red with power so it could just be temporary effect.
  •  Because Lucifer's powers are the source of the Mark, this could be the reason that when a bearer of the Mark dies they are resurrected as a demon as stated Lucifer is the father and creator of demons.


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