Marvin Brickell was an antique shop owner.


Marvin had been the owner of an antique shop in Columbus, Ohio, for many decades. He sold many precious items there, one of which was a golden pocket watch. One of his regular customers was a rich woman known as Mrs. Lloyd, who wanted the pocket watch.

One night, Mrs. Lloyd arrived at the store with a large bundle of cash, intent on buying it. Marvin, being greedy, decided to push up the price. When Mrs. Lloyd mentioned the deal they had made, Marvin referred to the change as "the start of negotiations". He bemoaned how he could not sell such an object at the original price.

Mrs. Lloyd accused him of being insane, though Marvin argued that she was more so, accusing her and "her folks" of being obsessed with antiquing. He personally could not see the appeal. He then asked if Mrs. Lloyd was still interested, suggesting he could find a new buyer if she wasn't.

Furious, Mrs. Lloyd threatened to tell the community about her ill-treatment, and didn't expect Marvin to find any new buyers because of that. Marvin didn't care, calling it Mrs. Lloyd's loss. Just then, Marvin's coat caught fire and both were consumed by flames.

News reports of their deaths say they were killed by a Mystery Fire that only incinerated their bodies. Sam and Dean Winchester correctly deduced they were killed by spontaneous combustion. When the brothers visited the store, Sam found evidence on Marvin's hard drive that he had been purposely selling Nazi relics.



  • Sam said Marvin was a widower.