Mental Manipulation is the ability to influence the thoughts, memories or emotions of a being. Memory Manipulation is a kind of mental manipulation as well, but limited to manipulation of memories.

Overview Edit

Characters with this ability Edit

  • The Darkness - The Darkness is able to corrupt almost any being, either directly or indirectly through the Mark of Cain. She corrupted humans into rabids.
  • God - As a nigh-omnipotent being he can influence the mind of almost any being.
  • Death - Was able to suppress Sam's memories of his time in Lucifer's Cage by some kind of mental wall.
  • Angels - Angels are able to influence the mind of humans. Castiel manipulated the memories of Dean's girlfriend and her son, however he was unable to erase Sam's memories of Lucifer's Cage. The Grigori Tamiel set humans in a dream-like state while feeding on their souls.
  • War - Could create illusions in the mind of humans.
  • Famine - Could increase the hunger in humans and angels.
  • Demons
    • Crowley - He was able to implant the written form of every word in the English language into his son's mind.

Objects and curses with this effect Edit

Spells and diseases with this effect Edit

  • Ghost sickness - Transformed Dean into a coward.
  • Soul removal - Could greatly influence the behavior of a human, but it depends on the individual person.
  • Demon Blood - Similar effect to a drug, changed Sam's character.
  • Attack Dog Spell - Causes mindless and aggressive behavior in humans and even higher angels.
  • Sam's hallucinations - Caused by Lucifer due to Sam's cage-memories, nearly caused him a heart attack.

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