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Michael Wheeler
Season(s) 8
Species Human (formerly)
Status Deceased (killed by Brian Wilcox)
Portrayed by: Brandon Jones

Michael Wheeler was a normal everyday college student who was best friends with Brian Wilcox, a film student. One day, however, he was bitten by a werewolf.


Season 8Edit


Mike as a werewolf.

Michael and Brian Wilcox were both in love with Kate, but only Michael became her boyfriend. Before getting bitten he was care free and didn't really have any concerns, not even planning far for the future. After being bitten, he revealed to friends his newfound strength and speed, until the werewolf's craving for human hearts kicked in. He became more reserved and socially withdrawn, fearing for his own sanity and humanity, refusing to let Brian "join in" on getting new powers. Brian became jealous of Mike's powers, and eventually tracked down the original werewolf who had turned Mike. Ludensky, a college professor, initially refused to turn Brian, but did so after Brian threatened to expose him.

When confronted by Brian, Mike tried to explain that being a werewolf was a curse, but Brian didn't listen. Their argument turned into a fight, with both Michael and Brian transforming and attacking each other. Brian stabbed Michael with a silver knife, killing him. His body is later covered in a sheet by Kate, and eventually discovered by Sam and Dean Winchester.



  • Had Michael not been bitten, he wanted to go on a cruise with his girlfriend.

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