"If anything were to happen to me, what of John, Millie?"
Millie Winchester was the wife of Henry Winchester, a Man of Letters.[3] She is the mother of John Winchester and thus is the paternal grandmother of Sam, Dean, and Adam Milligan. It is unclear what her relationship with her son and her grandchildren is, as she is never mentioned by any of them.

Millie herself ran a bed and breakfast in Maine, where she whittled wooden key holders for local children.[2]

Millie's current whereabouts are unknown; she was last seen in 1989. She still has a warrant out for her due to "an outstanding jay walking ticket" yet unpaid.[1]

Millie Winchester, Alpha and Omega

Millie's name, and presumably a photo of her, on Lady Toni's cork board.


  • Adam Glass wanted to have Millie appear in an episode, but could not figure out how.[4]
    • Glass believed that Louise Fletcher would have been the right actress for the role of Millie.[4] As Fletcher is over 80 years old, this casting choice indicates that Millie's actress would have played an aged version of the character in the present day had an episode with her in it come to fruition.


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