Missouri Moseley is a very talented psychic residing in Lawrence, Kansas. She is a long-time friend of John Winchester's.


Missouri first meets John Winchester on December 17, 1983, when he comes to her for a reading. She says it was 'a few days after' Mary was murdered. Missouri says she was the one who opened his eyes to 'what was in the dark.' John took Missouri to his house, hoping she could tell him what killed Mary. Unfortunately, Missouri could not tell what it was, just that it was "real evil."

Season 1 Edit

In Home, the brothers return to Lawrence following a premonition that Sam has about their old home being haunted again. They search the phone directory for psychics, and Dean stumbles upon her and quickly remembers that his father had mentioned Missouri in his journal. Up until then, Dean had thought that John had meant the state Missouri.

Missouri recognizes Sam and Dean immediately, and surprises the brothers by saying she's sorry about Jessica's death and their father's disappearance. Missouri goes back to Sam and Dean's old house and identifies the spirit as a poltergeist. With the help of Missouri, Sam and Dean try to perform a ritual to banish the poltergeist which has taken up residence in the Winchesters' old home. However, it is Mary's spirit that eventually succeeds in defeating the poltergeist. After the poltergeist is gone, Missouri tells the boys "Don't be strangers!" Ironically, that is the last time Missouri is seen on-screen.

Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that John has been at Missouri's house the whole time his boys were in Kansas, but has reluctantly kept himself hidden. Missouri finds it strange that Sam could have premonitions of his old home but could not sense his father in the next room. Missouri tells John to go see his children, but John mysteriously says that he can't, 'not until he knows the truth.'

Season 7 Edit

In The Mentalists, while in a town full of phony psychics, Dean says to Sam, "When was the last time we saw a real psychic? Pamela? Missouri?"

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Missouri Moseley is a very gifted psychic with helpful and powerful psychic abilities.

  • Telepathy - Missouri has the ability to read and communicate with other being's thoughts
  • Clairsentience - She also has the ability to perceive the residual information of an object by touching it.


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