Molecular Combustion is the ability to rip a being apart at the subatomic level. Only high-level beings have used this power.

Raphael implosion

Castiel destroys Raphael


The Darkness can easily annihilate angels

Known UsersEdit


  • While using this power on Earth leaves behind a bloody mess, when Lucifer killed Jofiel in Heaven, he seemed to explode into dust. In addition, the angel Amara killed with this also exploded into dust, as well as the two demons Lucifer killed.
  • Two of the times Castiel has been resurrected have been after he was killed with this power and they were two of the three times he was resurrected by God. God stated that he had to rebuild Castiel when talking about these resurrections with Metatron.
  • Crowley potentially killed a demon with this power in Soul Survivor. However, it is unconfirmed especially as he relies on angel blades to kill demons rather than his powers.
  • The effects of the witch-killing spell are similar to molecular combustion, particularly the Sumerian variant Rowena used. The one taken from Bobby Singer also has similar effects but with the being disintegrating rather than exploding.
  • One of the powers of the Lance of Michael is to cause any effected demon to explode into dust, similar to molecular combustion.
  • In earlier seasons when this power was used to kill angels, they exploded into a shower of blood and gore as seen with Castiel and Raphael's deaths from the power. Starting in season 11, angels merely explode into a cloud of dust as seen when the Darkness, Lucifer and Dagon use the power to kill them.
  • When using this power, a glowing red circle appears in the center of Dagon's palm and she slams it against her target, causing them to explode. This makes her the only being to use this power that needed contact with their victim.
  • The blast fired by Crowley from the Rod of Aaron caused Simmons to explode in a similar manner to molecular combustion.


  • Castiel has been killed twice by this power by Raphael and Lucifer respectively and returned the favor by using it to kill Raphael when empowered by the souls of Purgatory.
  • When Crowley killed Rowena's cheating fiancé with this power after he was cheating on and using her, Rowena said it was the sweetest thing he ever did for her.


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