Monster is the collective name given to the children and descendants of Eve, and other supernatural creatures. Although referring to many different species, some share a point of origin, and traits. They are supernatural creatures with extraordinary strength and powers and abilities. They commonly prey upon humans.

Eve's Descendants

These are the monsters that were confirmed to be created by Eve. When they die, their souls are sent to neither Heaven nor Hell, but to Purgatory.


These are the supreme monsters, due to them being the very first of their species, which means they greatly outclass all of their children in terms of strength and abilities no matter how powerful their children are. They are very rare, which means the majority of hunters have never met one, nor will ever.

Elite Monsters

These monsters are of the strongest type (under the Alphas), either by being physically stronger than the rest or are so unique that it's hard for hunters to hunt them.

Common Monsters

These monsters live among humans or with packs. They are significantly weaker than elite monsters or their respective Alphas.


These monsters aren't confirmed to be Eve's descendants. They have more unique powers than common monsters.

Unknown Ranking

Non Canon Monsters

Monsters that have appeared only in material regarded as Non-canon.



See: Alphas

Alphas are the first of each monster, and the direct descendants of Eve. As a result, each one is more powerful than any other member of their species. They are the creators of the rest of their species, and as such are the undisputed leaders of their kind.


Although many monsters are solitary, some, particularly the intelligent ones, form groups or packs, where they live and hunt together in "nests". Pack leaders serve as the bosses of these groups. This is not always a definite rule however, as some prefer to live on their own as well.

Monsters known to live in Packs

Known Pack Leaders


  • Luther - This leader governed a small pack of Vampires.
  • Boris - He commanded a group that recruited/created new vampires.
  • Lenore - She commanded a pack of vampires that fed on animal blood instead of human until Eve's influence pushed them back to feeding on human blood.
  • Dixon - Created a pack to make new "daughters" after his own daughter was killed by hunters.
  • Old Man - Led a pack of vampire pirates. Was so old he thought himself a god and forced his men to worship him as one.
  • Desmond - Rogue vampire who wanted to create his own pack and tried to get Benny Lafitte to help him.
  • Celia - Female vampire who created a "family" of vampires.



  • Reverend Jim Myers - Leader of a pack of werewolves that coexists with humans.
  • Tasha - Werewolf who started to create her own pack after her sister turned her.

Becoming a monster

Monsters are made in a great variety of ways. While this is not a complete list, it shows some of the more common methods of monster reproduction.

From Eve

The original and most effective method is by tactile contact with Eve, the mother of all. She had the ability to turn humans into monsters or hybrids with a mere touch.

From Other Monsters

The most common method, is however simply be sexual reproduction between monsters, which Djinn's, Kitsune, Ghouls, Vetala and presumably all other monsters, whose method hasn't been stated do. Werewolves mostly reproduce by biting, but they can also reproduce sexually with other werewolves.

  • By Biting - Werewolves, Skinwalkers, and Jefferson Starships can pass on their curse by biting a human.
  • By Genetics - Some monsters reproduce genetically without having to turn or infect humans. This is not the same as sexual reproduction between monsters, as in some of these cases their monstrous nature remains dormant for years, making them appear completely human before it emerges. Rugarus and Shapeshifters reproduce in this way. Werewolves can as well though they more commonly reproduce through biting.
  • By Transfusion - Introduction and admixture of Vampire blood with a human's blood turns humans into vampires.
  • By Ingestion - A significant amount of vampire blood taken orally by a human causes him or her to turn into a vampire.


  • By Eating Human Flesh - Succumbing to cannibalism for long enough will turn a man into a Wendigo.

Common Attributes

Many monsters share traits and attributes:

  • Feeding on Humans - Most, if not all, monsters feed on humans - either human flesh, blood, certain organs, souls or all four. Only Phoenixes don't seem to eat humans, they just kill them outright. Shapeshifters have never been seen eating people, or having any intent to; in effect, Bobby once compared Shapeshifters and the Leviathans, noticing that the latter can be distinguished from the former for not only being more resistant but also for having more of a preference for human flesh. However, it was implied by the Leviathan Edgar that at least some Shapeshifters do feed on humans, as, like other Monsters, they were included in the elimination plans of the Leviathans, who wished to have a monopoly on the consumption of human flesh. Some Monsters also have certain preferences in types of humans; Okami each eat a certain type of human, down to preference.
  • Non-human Eyes - Shapeshifters, Jefferson Starships, Werewolves, Kitsunes, Skinwalkers, Wendigos, Vetalas, Dragons, Rugarus, can all be identified by their strange or unusual eyes, though some require certain conditions to be noticed (such as a Shapeshifter's eyes flashing yellow when seen through a camera).
  • Claws - Werewolves, Kitsune, Skinwalkers (in dog form), Wendigos, Dragons, and Lamia, all have razor sharp claws.
  • Fangs - Vampires, Werewolves, Okami, Jefferson Starships, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, and Vetala possess monstrous fangs. Vampires and Vetala use them to suck the blood of their victims, for others they are used to tear and devour flesh.
  • Super Strength - All monsters typically possess some degree of superhuman strength, ranging from just stronger than humans, to being able to lift a man with one hand, throw a man several feet with great effort or none, rip through flesh with some to great ease, or snap steel chains. While some monsters need to exert greater effort to access superhuman strength other more powerful monsters can destroy objects with a light movement or gesture. Human hunters can fight off, stun, sneak up on, catch off guard and outmaneuver most monsters by using their weaknesses, such as damaging their bodies with a special object or in a certain way, therefore allowing a hunter equipped with their weakness to kill monsters that are stronger than them. The best way to kill monsters with great strength is to catch them off guard as Sam and Dean have done repeatedly throughout the series. Dragons, Werewolves, Rugarus, Vampires, Jefferson Starships and Wendigos are among the strongest of all monsters.
  • Super Speed - Many monsters are much faster than humans so they can sneak up on humans unnoticed or outrun them in a chase. While weaker monsters seemingly have normal human speed or have the speed of the best human athlete, others can move at the speed of certain animals and can easily catch up to humans. Skinwalkers, Rugarus, Werewolves, Vampires, Kitsunes, Jefferson Starships, Djinns, Dragons (while flying), and Wendigos possess these powers but Wendigos are the fastest of all monsters.
  • Shapeshifting - A common power of many monsters is the ability to change their form. Some, such as Shapeshifters and Jefferson Starships, can change into whatever they want, while others are more limited. Dragons, Phoenixes, Kitsune, Skinwalkers and Djinns can only change between their true form and a human disguise. Some monsters have certain requirements or limitations to their transformations, such as Werewolves, the only monsters that can't control their ability to transform (however, pure blood werewolves can shape shift at will,) or Ghouls, which are able to change into anyone, but only if they eat the person's flesh.

Interaction and Society


Monsters have hunted men since the beginning of time. According to the Alpha Vampire, he was the thing that humans feared when they huddled around a fire. Eve created the first monsters, the Alphas, who in turn went on to father the rest of their species. Although powerful (at least in the modern era), most monsters preferred to hide from humans or blend into their society, taking great care to avoid detection, especially by hunters. Because most of them could assume human form, they could easily pass as a regular human to the untrained eye. Additionally, although some could be detected through video footage in security cameras, most people disregard the anomalies they see as a technical problem or malfunctioning of the device.

Many monsters targeted isolated locations and communities as their hunting grounds. In some cases, they would attempt to reproduce, in addition to simply hunting men for food.

Arrival of Eve

Several monsters changed patterns and characteristics circa 2011, coinciding with the imminent arrival of Eve. According to hunters, monster activities and attacks increased in frequency. Several hunters also claimed that monsters were more daring in challenging hunters. Differences in their way of life were also noted, such as werewolves changing forms despite the lack of a full-moon, or certain monsters leaving their native land, as was the case with the Lamia and the Ōkami, or even some monsters long thought to be extinct reemerging into the open, as was the case with Dragons. This was because Eve ordered her firstborn sons to be more vicious and to create their own armies to protect Purgatory.

Upon the arrival of Eve, she created two new children, thus the first new monsters in thousands of years, the Khan worm and the Jefferson Starship, the latter she deemed to be her ultimate creation. However, Eve was killed by Dean Winchester, and the Starships were apparently all wiped out by Castiel and Crowley.

Leviathans and Additive 3.0

The Leviathans had a "monsters don't exist" policy; as a rule, they tried to keep monster attacks and news under control. Several monster populations declined during the introduction of Additive 3.0 (and its precursors) of the Leviathan into the human food market. Monsters who fed on humans with the additive in their bloodstream died. At least one monster group, led by its Alpha, aided the Winchesters in a desperate bid to stop the Leviathan from killing off other monster species. The Winchesters ultimately succeeded, killing Leviathan leader Dick Roman, effectively defeating the Leviathans and destroying their plan. A year later, all traces of the additive had disappeared.


To date, there were little to no hints of the aftermath of Additive 3.0 on both human and monster populations, and monster activities appeared to return to their usual state prior to Eve's arrival. As well as the human population. After the release of the Darkness, the monsters became aware of her release, and some, like the Nachzehrers , had started to build armies in the point to "gain some time". Presumably, monsters have returned to their normal routine with the Darkness gone.  


Although there is no universal weakness that applies to all monsters (except God, Death or Amara), many share weaknesses:

  • Decapitation - Vampires, Ghouls etc. can be killed by having their heads removed. This is also how Jefferson Starships are killed. This might work on most, if not all, monsters such as Nachzehrers.
  • The Colt - The Colt can kill almost anything in existence. Is even capable of killing Alphas.
  • Inability to Pass as Human- While most species can pass as human, some, such as Wendigos cannot do so.
  • Fire - Many monsters on supernatural have shown that they are vulnerable to and can be killed by fire. These monster are Wendigos, Lamias (with certain herbs), and Rugarus.
  • Mirrors - Wraiths' true forms can be revealed by mirrors.
  • Silver - Several monsters are vulnerable to silver, the most well known are: Werewolves, Skinwalkers, Vetala's and Shapeshifters. Silver is also part of the thing needed to kill both Djinns and Lamias. Wraiths are vulnerable to silver, to touch it will burn their skin.
  • Vamp-Tonite - As well as dumbing down humans, a side effect of the Leviathan Corn Syrup additive, is it makes the blood toxic to any non-Leviathan monster (Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Shapeshifters etc.) who drink it. This is to wipe out the monsters, so that the Leviathans don't have to compete for food resources.
  • Angels - Angels can smite any monster. A seraph can also change back any monster back into human by touching them.
  • Demons - Most Demons generally out class most monsters and overpower them. high tier demons like Crowley can easily overpower and kill them.
  • Shredding - Logically, shredding a monster destroys it, regardless of the type. After Bobby destroys an okami using a wood chipper, Rufus mentions that it could work on anything. Brian Wilcox after becoming a werewolf was killed by this method also, literally ripped to pieces.
  • Extreme Brain Damage - With Ghouls its been shown that their head doesn't need to be completely destroyed, they must just have significant damage. Also, a djinn was shown to be able to be killed with enough damage to their brain.
  • Death's Scythe - Death's scythe can kill any being.
  • The First Blade - Being powered by the Darkness, this blade can kill any monster.
  • Primordial entities - Amara, God, Death and archangels can easily annihilate them.
  • Celtic Monster Trapping Sigil - According to Bobby Singer it could trap monsters. However, to date, it has only worked on Soul Eaters.
  • Magic - Certain forms of magic have proven useful in killing various monster species or in some cases, binding them to the caster's will.


Even though their appearances vary depending on what type they are, Monsters are among the most recurring supernatural creatures in the series, appearing in a total of almost 60 episodes so far, rivaling the appearances of Ghosts.

Season 1

  • Dragon
  • Djinn
  • Ghouls
  • Gorilla-Wolves
  • Jefferson Starship
  • Khan worm
  • Kitsune
  • Nachzehrer
  • Okami
  • Phoenix
  • Shapeshifter
  • Skinwalker
  • Vampires
  • Vetala
  • Wendigo
  • Werewolf
  • Wraith

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12


  • Season 8 and Season 10 are the only seasons far not to introduce any new types of Monster.
    • However, season 8 did introduce two subtypes of monsters, the 'pureblood' Werewolf and the 'bastard offshoot' of the Djinn. Season 10 did it only once introducing a new variety of Khan worm.
  • Of all Monsters, Vampires have appeared the most, with shapeshifters coming in at second and djinn and Werewolves coming in joint third place, respectively. (Even though werewolves have been mentioned more than any other monsters on the show).

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