Motels are the Winchester's place to stay whenever they come into a town for hunting job. Other hunters besides the Winchesters stay at motels as well. Motels are also low key, so it won't arise suspicion when they come into town. This way they can leave and come unnoticed. When they check into a room, they always put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, so the maids don't see what they're doing (or have done) in their room. Hunters also tend to post their notes around the room to help them figure out their current job.

During the Leviathan-outbreak in 2011, Sam and Dean avoided motels since they can be tracked by their credit cards to the location. After inheriting the Men of Letters bunker as their new home, Sam and Dean still use motels while going on hunts that are far away.

Due to a hunter's low income, they usually rent cheap, dingy motels. On rare occasions they manage to sleep in a high class hotel.


The Winchester Temporary HomeEdit

Sam and Dean practically grew up in motel rooms. John would leave them there while he was hunting. Living in a motel was normal for Sam and Dean. Motels also became a code for the boys to find each other in The Usual Suspects. A motel is also where they conduct research using a laptop. Sam and Dean generally sleep in separate beds and in the same room.

Notable MotelsEdit

In Pilot, Dean is sharing a motel room with John but John is absent. Dean retrieves John's leather jacket from a pile of clothes before he goes to pick up Sam from Stanford.

In Scarecrow, John finally calls Sam and Dean through Dean's cellphone. The brothers are relieved to learn that John is alive, but John refuses to tell them what he's been doing. Instead he orders Dean to finish a new job.

In It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, during a case involving Samhain, Sam discovers two men in their motel room. One of them is Castiel, whom Sam meets for the first time. Both Sam and Dean also meet Uriel here.

In When the Levee Breaks, Sam checks into a honeymoon suite to prevent Dean from finding him. Dean does however, and the two brothers get into a fight. Sam wins while the hotel room is destroyed. Sam leaves Dean beaten on the floor.

In Free To Be You and Me, Lucifer appears to Sam in a dream. The dream takes the form of a motel room, likely the one Sam is currently staying in.

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In Changing Channels, one of the TV reality shows Sam and Dean find themselves in, is a motel room. Dean makes a big sandwich, while Sam comments on. There is also a girl in the bathroom claiming to be Dean's research, and Sam escorts her out. Castiel arrives here shortly before being whisked away by The Trickster.

In Hammer of the Gods, Mercury restores a worn down motel and turns into a 5-star hotel known as Elysian Fields Hotel. The place is set as a meeting between a group of pagan deities. Sam and Dean arrive along with a bunch of guests, all of whom are taken hostage. Gabriel arrives in hopes of freeing the brothers, but the whole meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Lucifer, who kills all the deities but one. Thanks to Gabriel, Sam and Dean manage to flee with hotel along with the human guests.

In Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Dean gets abducted from his motel room by Fairies. Sam has sex with Sparrow Jennings in this very same room despite Dean's absence, much to Dean's shock. Later on, Dean gets into a fight with a fairy and successfully microwaves it.

In Shut Up, Dr. Phil, the Leviathan Chet finds Sam and Dean's motel room. The brothers try to fight him off but Chet proves immune to their efforts. Don Stark comes in and rescues them by stunning Chet with a spell.

In The Slice Girls, Emma, the Amazon daughter of Dean and Lydia, arrives at Dean's motel room to kill Dean as part of her initiation ritual. Sam also rushes to the motel to save Dean, and ends up killing Emma.

In Dark Dynasty, Charlie Bradbury grows weary of Rowena's presence and relocates herself to a motel room. Eldon Frankenstein manages to track down her location and kill her there, but not before Charlie sent her decoding of Nadia's Codex to Sam via email.

In Ladies Drink Free, British Man of Letters Mick Davies rents suites for him, Sam and Dean in a 3-star hotel called Wild Elk Lodge. Dean is not entirely impressed. Claire Novak later joins them.

In The Future, Castiel stops at a motel room with Kelly Kline. It is here he touches her belly for the first time and feels her unborn son kicking. Kelly also receives a vision from her son that encourages her to go to the Heavenly Portal.

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