When I learned of the Angel Tablet, I did tell Castiel to get it at any cost. That's my job--to protect Heaven. I'm a warrior, just as you are.
— Naomi to Dean
in Taxi Driver

Naomi was a high-ranking angel charged with making rebellious angels obedient once more and extracting information from them. Following the slaughter of Raphael's followers at Castiel's hand,[1][2] Naomi headed one of the many factions of angels vying for leadership of Heaven. She saved Castiel from Purgatory to brainwash him into being her unwitting agent in Season 8.[3] Upon learning of Metatron's plan, she attempted to stop the scribe, only to be killed by him instead.[4]


From her dialogue, it appears Naomi had been an important player in Heaven for thousands of years. She mentioned wiping Castiel's memory so many times, he forgot events of his past, such as the massacre of firstborns in Egypt over three thousand years ago. It was revealed that she worked directly under the archangels, and was supposed to "debrief" Metatron, following God's departing, but he fled before she was able to. Her team alone knew of the operations that modify memories of lower-class angels.[5][4]

Season 8Edit

A Little Slice of KevinEdit


Naomi talks to Castiel in Heaven.

After Castiel confronted Crowley, she whisked Castiel to Heaven. She told Castiel she was responsible for saving him from Purgatory. Naomi asked Castiel to tell her information about the Winchesters, which Castiel did casually and without hesitation, much to his own surprise. Naomi then urged Castiel to help the Winchesters recover the tablet. Before she sent Castiel back to Earth, Naomi made it clear she wanted Castiel to report to her every now and then. She also promised that no one would even know when and if he reports to her. Castiel disagreed, but Naomi disregarded his resistance and merely smiled. True to her word, when she sent him back, he was unable to remember that he had spoken to her.

Hunteri HeroiciEdit

Near the summation of the episode, she yanks Castiel to Heaven, and has a brief word with him. She tells him she does not want him in Heaven unless she permits it, prompting Castiel to question what he should do, after which she returns the question to him.

Torn and FrayedEdit

When Samandriel inadvertently revealed the existence of a tablet pertaining to angels, she orders Castiel to assassinate the captured angel. Naomi was convinced it had to be done to protect the angels and Heaven. She also wanted Castiel to bring Samandriel's remains to Heaven so she could examine how much information Crowley had extracted from Samandriel.

Goodbye StrangerEdit

Naomi worked to indoctrinate Castiel to her control completely by having him kill hundreds of copies of Dean. After ruthlessly and successfully passing her test, Castiel went after the angel tablet. Naomi had Castiel lie that he was searching for the second half of the demon tablet when the Winchesters caught up to him during his mission. Castiel also killed a demon before the demon could tell them the truth. Naomi allowed Castiel to keep Meg alive as the demon knew the location of the angel tablet, but ordered the Seraph to kill Dean after they locate the tablet. She explained to the powerless Castiel that he was "broken" and she "fixed" him when he is unable to stop himself from attacking Dean and tells him to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters. Castiel manages to stop himself from killing Dean and when he picks up the angel tablet, it breaks her connection and control over him. After Castiel leaves to protect the tablet from everyone including himself and Dean, Naomi visited the crypt where it had been located and meets up with Crowley who shows familiarity with her and indicated a possible sexual relationship between them in the past. Though she was not happy, Naomi admitted that Castiel is doing what he was meant to do: protect the tablet even though it apparently meant protecting it from her as well. Crowley began to offer a deal, but an uninterested Naomi left even before the demon could lay out the terms. Naomi is later seen receiving a report that the angels had had no luck finding Castiel.

Taxi DriverEdit

SPN 1493

Naomi using White Light against Crowley.

Naomi approached Dean to try to convince him that she is on his side. Naomi claimed that she periodically met with Castiel, but was not intentionally spying on the Winchesters and that Castiel misinterpreted her orders when he tried to kill Dean. Dean did not trust her, but Naomi informed him that Sam traveled to Hell through Purgatory before disappearing. Later, when Sam tries to release Bobby Singer's soul into Heaven and Crowley stops it, Naomi intervened. Though Crowley warns her the Winchesters will likely lock up Heaven too, Naomi simply told him she hopes he gets locked up and that she will figure out the rest. The annoyed demon labelled her a 'bureaucrat', prompting Naomi to smite him out of spite. Crowley fled and Naomi released Bobby, allowing him to go to Heaven where he belonged. Naomi reaffirmed to Sam and Dean that she wants what they do, Hell closed and then disappeared.

The Great EscapistEdit

Naomi received word from Ion that they are unable to track Castiel through Biggerson's, so she had him slaughter all the people in one of the locations to draw Castiel out. Once he was captured, she ruthlessly killed Kara and interrogated Castiel for the location of the angel tablet, in turn revealing that he took part in the slaughter of firstborns in Egypt by angels and that she erased his memory of it. She revealed has erased his and other angels memories many times, but Castiel was different, as he never truly followed orders as he was supposed to. Crowley arrived and wounds Ion with a bullet made from an Angel Blade and kills the other angel with her. Crowley and Naomi had a stand-off, in which the angel fled after being shot at by the demon.

Clip ShowEdit

Metatron revealed that despite what Naomi claimed, she was not the sole ruler of Heaven, and that she was simply the leader of one of many factions of angels at civil war.


Naomi learns that Castiel has teamed up with Metatron. She thus comes to the bar where the two are talking and takes Metatron away. Back in her office in Heaven, Naomi argues with Metatron just before she starts extracting information from him. She then discovers Metatron's true intentions.

Naomi killed by Metatron

She rushes to Castiel and informs him of the truth, that Metatron is trying to expel all the angels from Heaven because he wants revenge. She comes to the realization that she was wrong, telling Castiel and Dean that angels were meant to protect God's creation and somewhere they lost sight of their purpose. She warns Dean that if Sam completes the trials, he will die and before leaving, she promises Castiel that if he truly wishes to return to Heaven, she will hear him out. Naomi goes back to Heaven where Metatron kills her by stabbing her in the head with her memory drill. Metatron later confirms to Castiel that she was telling the truth.

Season 9Edit

I Think I'm Gonna Like It HereEdit

Dean (unaware of Naomi's death) was quick to label her and Metatron as the people to blame for Sam's condition and the Angel's falling.

I'm No AngelEdit

With Naomi's death an angel named Bartholomew, said to be the protégé of Naomi, took charge of the scattered Angels. When Sam and Dean were interrogating the rogue reaper Maurice, the reaper finally revealed to them that Naomi was dead and Bartholomew had taken charge.

Season 10Edit


After Castiel tells Hannah that chaos isn't all bad, Hannah tells him that chaos was what allowed for the rise of angels like Naomi, Bartholomew and Metatron.

Season 11Edit

Form and VoidEdit

When trying to hack Castiel's mind in a similar manner to what Crowley did to Samandriel and Gadreel, Jonah states that he learned how by watching Naomi do it once. However, Efram grows impatient and tries to take over himself. The argument that follows allows Castiel to break free.


"Our mission was to protect what God created...I don't know when we forgot that."
Naomi to Dean and Castiel
in Sacrifice
Naomi appeared civil and normally friendly, and was willing to be diplomatic when it suited her. She also made an effort to try and create alliances. However, she was also incredibly ruthless, and was more than willing to murder, torture, kidnap and brainwash others.[6][5]

She valued order and discipline, and worked hard to preserve these qualities. She held angels somewhat highly, and worked for their benefits, but that would not stop her killing them if she felt there was the need. When it came to humans, Naomi was less caring and was willing to savagely murder and torture dozens of them simply to further her goals. However, she was also willing to be civil with them, especially if it benefited her. Like many angels, she hated demons and looked down upon them, although Crowley seemed to imply they had a relationship some thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. Despite this, Naomi still would not strike a deal with the demon, attesting to her strict and businesslike nature. She longed for the gates of Hell to be closed, to the point where she helped the Winchesters to finish the second trial and insisted they could trust her because of that. However, after her change of heart, she revealed that closing the gates would kill Sam, even though she knew it would cause Dean to stop the trials, indicating that with her change of heart she became more compassionate and she developed the desire to prevent others from being sacrificed when there was another way.

Naomi was highly deceptive, and commonly kept others in the dark, often lying to and manipulating them. This deception would, in the end, prove to backfire on her, because Castiel would not believe her when she told him the truth about Metatron and his plans, leading to the Scribe succeeding in getting his revenge.

At the end of her life, Naomi showed remorse for her actions and actually cried, something no other angel has ever been shown to do. She also displayed anger, resentment and pride at times, showing that despite her disdain for humans, she possessed human emotions, something few angels ever display. One issue she was particularly touchy about was being dismissed as simply a "bureaucrat" and she made it clear she saw herself much like most other angels as a warrior.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While her exact rank in the Heavenly Host is unknown, Naomi was an undeniably powerful angel with a high degree of authority over Heaven and its denizens. She was capable of easily smiting Crowley like Seraph Castiel, thus she was one of the strongest angels in the series. She possessed all of the basic powers and weaknesses of an angel.

  • Compulsion - Naomi could compel other angels to follow her command. During their conversations, Castiel replied immediately and in full to any question she put to him. She later forced Castiel to murder Samandriel, an order he was unable to refuse. She lost this control over him however after their connection was severed by the angel tablet.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Naomi had the potential to live forever, even while in a vessel . She had been alive since at least Moses was in Egypt, making her well over 3,000 years old.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Naomi could not be killed by conventional methods, but she was still vulnerable to angel blades.
  • Memory Manipulation - When Castiel was returned to Earth, he was unable to remember speaking with her. It was later revealed that Naomi had erased Castiel's memory multiple times over the several millennia due to the Seraph's constant refusal to follow through with his given commands.
  • Apporting - Naomi was able to transport Castiel from Earth to Heaven and then teleport him back to the exact place and time without the Winchesters noticing. She could also prevent Castiel from re-entering Heaven again without her consent. She had also shown the ability to converse with Castiel in Heaven while Castiel himself was also present on Earth. She lost this control over him however after their connection was severed.
  • Super Strength - As a high ranking angel, Naomi was much stronger than humans, spirits, monsters, demons, and most angels. She could easily lift Castiel, a Seraph, off his feet and was able to restrain the Angel Scribe of God Metatron with one hand as an angel blade was in her other hand.
  • Conjuration - Naomi was able to create hundreds of Dean Winchester clones for her efforts to brainwash Castiel completely to her side. She also conjured exact copies of the real Dean's gun for at least one of the clones.
  • Angelic Possession - As an angel, Naomi was able to possess a human to walk on Earth. She of course needs the vessel's consent.
  • Teleportation - Being an angel, Naomi was able to instantly teleport from one place to another.
  • Holy White Light - Similar to the archangels and Seraphs, Naomi was able to emit a blast of light from the palm of her hand. During a confrontation with Crowley, Naomi tried to blast him with the light, but he fled before she could.
  • Spell Negation - Naomi was able to neutralize Crowley's spell to capture Bobby's soul with a simple hand movement.
  • Telekinesis - Naomi could move objects with her mind. With a simple finger movement, she snapped a waitress's neck and pulled a chair to her by snapping her fingers.


  • Torture Implant - She was killed by this device in Heaven.
  • Angel Blades - Naomi fled when confronted by Crowley with a gun loaded with angel blade bullets.



  • Naomi's role appeared to be very similar to Castiel's role in Season 4 in that she saved Castiel from Purgatory, just as Castiel saved Dean from Hell.
  • Naomi is the secondary antagonist of Season 8 though she redeems herself in the end.
  • Naomi is one of the few villains on the series to change sides and show remorse for what they have done. In her case, only Dean believed her but Castiel had been manipulated too much to. Her change of heart and warning proved to be genuine as well and not faked. Castiel, after his stint as God also displayed remorse as did Crowley when being turned human.
  • The times she met Dean, she insisted he could trust her as they wanted the same thing. Despite her trying to manipulate him at first by trying to get his help with finding Castiel, she did, in fact, prove to be trustworthy towards him, warning him about how Sam got to Hell, helping save Bobby and warning him of what would happen to Sam if he succeeded in finishing the Hell trials.
  • It is implied that Naomi and Crowley had a sexual relationship in Mesopotamia.


  • Before Season 8 began, Naomi was described in press releases as being part of a group of angels never seen before. Ion indicated that this group was an intelligence division of Heaven when talking to Castiel. Naomi also indicated this when she mentioned how she had to "debrief" Metatron after God left.
  • The name "Naomi" translates into "pleasant" or "my sweet" in Hebrew and "beautiful honesty" in Japanese; this is ironic considering the character's role as a major antagonist who frequently deceives others.

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