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Nick: If I help you...can you bring back my family?

Lucifer: I'm sorry. I can't. But I can give you the next best thing. God did this to you, Nick. And I can give you justice. Peace.

Nick was a solemn and lugubrious widower who lived in Delaware who became the primary vessel of Lucifer until he possessed Sam Winchester instead. Several years later, Nick's body was restored and improved by Crowley to act as Lucifer's vessel once more.

Early LifeEdit

Nick was married to a woman named Sarah, and together they had a child. One night, a criminal crept into their house and murdered Sarah and the baby in their beds. After the home invasion, Nick still resided in the house, and kept some objects that were connected to Sarah and the baby.

Season 5Edit


Nick with Lucifer.


The moment Nick said 'yes'.

In Sympathy for the Devil, Nick started hallucinating Sarah and his baby, and their blood. Lucifer appeared as his wife Sarah and told him that he was a vessel, and that Lucifer wanted his consent to possess him. Nick, believing it was a dream yet doubting it was, nonchalantly refused. Lucifer told him that he was misunderstood, that he was punished for "loving God too much". He promised Nick justice for his family. Nick consented to possession.

In Abandon All Hope..., Nick's body began to develop burn-like sores from containing Lucifer's essence. When Castiel mentioned the sores appearing on his vessel's face, Lucifer admitted that Nick was "wearing a bit thin."

In Hammer of the Gods, Nick's body had deteriorated further under the effort of containing Lucifer and massacring the Pagan Deities.

In Two Minutes to Midnight, Castiel told Sam and Bobby Singer that Lucifer would have to have been drinking gallons of demon blood in order to help maintain the integrity of Nick's body.

In Swan Song, Dean and Sam met up with Lucifer at an abandoned apartment in Detroit. Nick's body had degraded even further from the immensity of Lucifer's essence. Sam agreed to be Lucifer's vessel, and Lucifer then left Nick and entered Sam. Nick was seen motionless on the floor afterwards, and it is unknown whether he was dead, or alive but left catatonic by Lucifer. Given the condition of his body, he is likely dead.

Season 7Edit

Although Nick doesn't truly appear in the season, Sam's hallucinations of Lucifer appeared in Nick's form.

Season 11Edit

When Sam summoned Lucifer to talk to him about the Darkness, he manifested in the form of Nick despite having no vessel.

Later, inside Castiel's head, Lucifer took on the form of Nick again.

While Lucifer was being extracted from Castiel by Amara, he took on the form of a transparent Nick overlapping Jimmy's body.

Season 12Edit

In Stuck in the Middle (With You), while trapped within a small cage in Crowley's throne room, Lucifer manifests in the form of Nick.

In Family Feud, Crowley reveals to Lucifer that his demons found Nick's body a few years before and repaired and improved it so it would be "a fitting final home" for Lucifer. When Rowena MacLeod had cast Lucifer back into the Cage, Crowley perverted the spell so instead Lucifer was sent into Nick's body. Lucifer thanks Crowley, but wonders how Crowley really expects it to end.

In Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Lucifer briefly escapes his chains only to have Crowley reveal that Nick is his true prison, Crowley having warded Nick's body based on Lucifer's Cage to restrain him while the chains were just ornamental.

In The British Invasion, a demon examines Nick's body for Lucifer and tells him that the repairs to Nick's body are complete and he is a sound vessel for Lucifer. However, the demon is unable to remove Crowley's "security system."

Physical Appearance Edit

Nick has messy, short blond hair and light blue eyes. He is six feet and one inches tall, making him shorter than Lucifer's true vessel, Sam Winchester, by three inches.

His usual attire consists of a green T-shirt, a dark green shirt hanging loose, blue jeans and dark shoes. Although he was wearing a white shirt and sweatpants when he assented to possession, Lucifer changed into this attire and continued to use Nick's guise when not occupying a vessel.

When Lucifer took off his shirt, Nick was revealed to be a well-built man.


Season 5Edit

Season 7Edit

Season 11Edit

Season 12Edit


  • The name 'Nick' is possibly a reference to 'Old Nick', which is a nickname for the Devil.
  • When Lucifer is yanked from Castiel by the Darkness, his true form appears as Nick for a moment before he disappears.
  • Nick is the second vessel whose body is restored specifically for an angel to possess as his vessel. The other vessel is Jimmy Novak whose body was restored by God for Castiel's use.

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