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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Night Hags are a race of monsters that appear in Supernatural: Night Terror. They were known to create and manipulate nightmares which would then materialize in the real world and go on killing sprees. They were described as a nightmare spirit from Polish folklore and are rare.


Night hags are nightmare spirits from Polish folklore. According to Bobby Singer, if the night hag isn't eventually killed, the nightmare manifestations will outlast the nightmares that spawned them and take on a life of their own. Sam speculates that Eve used night hags or similar beings to generate some of the monsters that hunters have been hunting for thousands of years.

Bobby is able to find two cases where hunters killed night hags. In those cases, they killed the night hag while it was feeding, the only time it was corporeal and vulnerable to being killed by iron.

In 2011, Olga Kucharski's grief over her grandson's death in a car accident a year before results in her dreaming of revenge on her grandson's friends who she holds responsible for his death. Her desire for revenge in her dreams was so strong it drew a night hag to the town of Clayton Falls, Colorado where Olga lived. Feeding off of Olga, the night hag manifested her grandson's car who killed two of his three friends and then began feeding off of the town's nightmares which had been augmented by a devastating fire six months before. Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester are drawn to the town where they figure out what they are dealing with and coordinate with the local police to fight the night hag and her manifestations. The night hag initially overwhelms the townspeople and hunters with Nazi zombies taken from the imagination of fourteen year old Trevor Deets, but Trevor's mother discovers the night hag and hits her with a cast iron skillet, injuring the hag and forcing her to retreat, ending the zombie attack. The night hag and her various manifestations kill several people before the night hag faces off with Sam. The night hag is able to paralyze Sam and send a manifestation of his soulless self, his greatest fear after Dean, but Sam allows himself to surrender to the night hag's power, causing the night hag to start feeding from him. While the night hag is feeding and thus vulnerable, Sam stabs her with a makeshift iron spear, killing the night hag and ending her nightmare manifestations.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super strength - A single Night Hag was strong enough to prevent several people (one of which being Sam Winchester) from fighting back or moving.
  • Flight - Night Hags constantly hover when not moving.
  • Nightmare Manipulation - Night Hags are able to see the person they are feeding on's fear and then creating it for a short time in real life. As Night Hags grow stronger, their influence can cause anyone sleeping in the area while they are feeding to have their fears become manifest.
  • Reality Warping - After seeing the person they are feeding on's fear, they are able to bring it to life.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - When a night hag is feeding, the location she is in will experience a power outage as long as she is there.
  • Empathy - A night hag can sense what its victims are afraid of.
  • Invulnerability - The night hag is invulnerable except when she's feeding at which point she takes on solid form and can be killed by iron.


  • Iron - As a spirit, Night Hags are vulnerable to iron. However, unless they are feeding, it only hurts them. Being stabbed with an iron weapon while corporeal will kill them.
  • Feeding - Like a shtriga, a night hag can only be killed while they are feeding at which point they take on a corporeal form.

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