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Season(s) 5
Species Deity
Status Deceased (killed by Lucifer)
Occupation Chief Norse god
Affiliation: Norse Pantheon
Family Baldur (son)
Portrayed by: Duncan Fraser
"I don't know what everybody's getting so worked up about. It's just a couple of angels having a slap-fight."
—Odin referring to Michael and Lucifer.[src]

Odin was the chief pagan deity of the Norse pantheon. While on Earth he took the form of an elderly American man in a bomber jacket and a strong Midwest accent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a deity, Odin possessed several abilities common to his kind, however as the head god of his pantheon, he was presumably very powerful, more so than most pagan gods.

  • Immortality  - As a god, Odin was not subject to old age or natural death.


Season 5Edit


Odin depicted in a book.

Odin was one of the gods who met with the other deities, to try to work out a way to stop the Apocalypse. He was of a laid back disposition towards the whole thing, believing it to be a "slap fight between a couple of angels".

This casual arrogance cost him his life when Lucifer killed him in the Elysian Fields Hotel hallway, presumably in a violent manner.


  • As the God of Magic, War and Death, it's possible he has some powers along those lines which he never got a chance to demonstrate.
  • It is unknown why he or Baldur did not see through Gabriel's disguise; it is possible that Gabriel had the ability to change their perception.
  • Odin claimed both the existence of Jormungandr and Fenrir. Additionally, he also mocked Zao Shen's world turtle, indicating it may also be existing or existed at one point in time.
  • Odin is said to be killed by the giant wolf Fenris during the battle of Ragnarok.  The Maw of Fenris was a werewolf cult in which Garth's mother-in-law and her relatives were members of in Sharp Teeth.


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