This unnamed orderly works at the Sunset Fields retirement home.


This orderly discovered Fred Jones' psychic abilities when one day, the orderly accidentally slammed Fred's door on his foot, flattening it perfectly as seen in cartoons. After giving his foot a few shakes, his foot was restored to normal. The orderly decided to report this abnormality to Dr. Dwight Mahoney, who began experimenting and eventually used Fred as a tool in committing bank robberies. This orderly hinted that he helped the doctor.

When a man ends up dead, Mahoney grows increasingly paranoid, especially when the FBI (Sam, Dean and Castiel) visit the retirement home in search of a suspect. Sam first meets the orderly when he notices the orderly remove a tray of untouched food from a resident's table. He tells Sam that it's sad how some residents just space out, start living in their own heads. This causes Sam to have a flashback to his time with Amelia Richardson.

When Mohaney's paranoia drives him to commit one last robbery and kill Fred afterwards, the orderly fights back, insisting that Fred be spared out of a personal concern for the resident. Mahoney responds by shooting the orderly in the stomach and kidnaps Fred. Sam, Dean and Castiel find the orderly dying in Fred's room. Castiel heals the orderly's injuries, surprising him and leaving him rather speechless.

Orderly, found by Sam and Dean and Cass 1

Sam, Dean and Cass discover the orderly with a gunshot wound.

The orderly confesses about Mahoney's actions and his latest plan. He also tells them that Mahoney had been stealing stuff belonging to the residents for years. One such object was a bracelet, which the orderly gave to his girlfriend.