P.T. Sandover was the owner and founder of Sandover Bridge and Iron. After he died, he returned as a ghost.


Born 1841, he was a workaholic, who had no wife or kids to speak of. He used to say he was the company, and that his very blood pumped through the building. His office was room 1444 until he died in 1916.


His spirit was woken in times of great economic distress. He "zapped" the employees of the company who were poor workers and turned them into model employees, the perfect worker-bees. They became so dedicated that when they inevitably failed, they killed themselves. He began attacking employees in 1929 during the Great Depression, when 17 people committed suicide by jumping from office windows.

Dean Smith and Sam Wesson managed to destroy Sandover's spirit, which was haunting the company's building, by burning a pair of gloves that contained the last of his remains.


P.T. Sandover was a powerful ghost, possessing several rare and power abilities.

  • Mind Control - He could make any employee who he considered a slacker, obsessed and fanatical with working, to the point where they committed suicide when they failed.
  • Thermokinesis - As with many ghosts, his presence caused the temperature to significantly drop.
  • Telekinesis - Quite a powerful telekinetic, he caused several rows of items to start shaking at once, and stopped and started an elevator.
  • Invisibility
  • Electrokinesis - Caused a dozen unplugged computer monitors to turn on, sent false emails and creative electrical charges in his hands, which he could use offensively.
  • Super strength - Able to toss a grown man like a feather.
  • Teleportation



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