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'Course I know it's you, Grumpy! Same way I know that's a demon, that poor girl's Anna, and that you've been eyeing my rack.

Pamela Barnes was a psychic whom hunters enlisted for help or to find out information. She was friends with Bobby Singer, who introduced her to Sam and Dean Winchester in "Lazarus Rising". She was permanently blinded when she looked upon Castiel's true form during a séance. Nevertheless, she continued to assist Sam and Dean when they called upon her, until her death at the end of "Death Takes a Holiday". In the afterlife, her soul went to Heaven where she became friends with Ash



Pamela is a psychic who at some point, met and befriended Bobby Singer. He refers to her as the "best damn psychic in the state". She has a tattoo on her lower back that says "Jesse Forever" although she tells Dean "it wasn't forever".

Season 4Edit

Pamela helped Dean and Sam discover what pulled Dean out of Hell in Lazarus Rising. While doing this, the Angel Castiel warned her not to press any further. Pamela ignored his warnings and kept going anyway, and finally caught a glimpse of the mysterious being. As a result, her eyes were seared from their sockets, leaving her permanently blind and a bit petulant when it came to Angels in general.

She has displayed a strong sexual attraction to Dean Winchester, and flirted with Sam Winchester, especially about the firmness of his "ass" ("You can bounce a nickel off that thing!") and his "eyeballing her rack".

Pamela returned in Heaven and Hell to help discover the identity of Anna Milton's "real" father. After losing her eyes, Pamela had them replaced with white plastic balls and wore sunglasses to cover her blindness. Using hypnosis, she helped Anna recover her memories of her past life as a fallen Angel. Still a bit bitter about her eyesight, she insisted Dean take her back home and away from all the "Angel business".

Pamela returned again at the request of the Winchester brothers in "Death Takes a Holiday". In order to prevent one of the 66 Seals from being broken, they needed to enter the astral plane, for which they needed the help of a psychic. Reluctantly, Pamela uses the Astral Projection Spell to help Sam and Dean in their endeavor. When the demons discover their plans, they send someone to kill the Winchesters' vacant bodies, over which Pamela was guarding. As she fought to protect them, the demon wounded her mortally, but not before she was able to summon Sam back to his body and awaken him. After Sam banished the demon to Hell with his powers, Pamela refused to go to a hospital and instead returned Dean to his body and resigned herself to death, cursing Bobby Singer for ever bringing them to her doorstep. As she lay dying, she used the last of her strength to privately tell Sam that she caught a glimpse of his power, and then to warn him that nothing good would ever come from it.

Season 5Edit

Pamela returns in Dark Side of the Moon, where she is one of the Winchesters' old friends they visit while in Heaven. She reveals that she is very happy in Heaven and that despite the circumstances of her death, she still cares for the Winchester brothers as a dear friend. Flirtatious as ever, Pamela meets the brothers in a Heavenly representation of the Roadhouse after Ash, also now in Heaven, helps them escape from Zachariah. Pamela tells Dean that saying yes to Michael really is not the horrible choice he believes it will be, as regardless of what happens in the aftermath, many people killed will come to Heaven, where they will be happy and at peace as she is now. Ash and she help the Winchesters find a way to the edge of Heaven's central garden, bidding them farewell and commenting that they would one day meet again.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Pamela was a very knowledgeable psychic who was skilled at various practices, including the use of Ouija boards, séances, and hypnosis. Unlike most of her contemporaries, she had a genuine sixth sense and used real occult methods to gain information. Bobby claimed that she was the best psychic in the state she lived in.

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Season 5Edit

Season 7Edit

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