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Primordial entities refer to a group of nigh-omnipotent beings who already existed before the creation of the universe. The strongest of them made the universe and everything in it such as God, they can control the laws of the universe such as all things will eventually die and end as with Death, and can end the universe and reality itself like the Darkness.


All of them are older than the universe and possess immense power, ranging from at least destroying someone on a subatomic level (Raphael) and altering the very fabric of reality (Gabriel) up to fully removing all of existence (The Darkness) or create whole universes (God).


  • Archangels - As beings created under God himself, archangels possess unimaginable levels of power.
    • Gabriel - Created a TV universe to imprison the Winchesters. Made Sam relive a day over again countless times by reversing time and ensuring Dean died each day. Killed by Lucifer during the Apocalypse.
    • Lucifer - Creator of the demon species. Capable of bringing about the Apocalypse.
    • Michael - The de facto Ruler of Heaven after God left.
    • Raphael - On one occasion, he destroyed Castiel on a subatomic level. Killed by Castiel empowered by the souls of Purgatory.
  • Death - A nigh-omnipotent being, the eldest Horsemen, and the personification of death itself, he is able to kill any being, except the Darkness and whoever bears the Mark of Cain. He once realigned the orbit of the moon and is also capable of jail breaking Lucifer's Cage. Killed by Dean Winchester with his own scythe.
  • God - The creator of almost everything that exists in the universe and the Darkness' younger brother. Can transfer the Mark of Cain, and do, or create, virtually anything. Death and the Darkness are the only beings to pose any threat, or harm, to God.
  • The Darkness - The only entity in existence at one point and the older, stronger sister of God. She is able to annihilate all of existence and is capable of undoing virtually anything in the universe her brother made. More powerful than God himself, she is also able to fatally wound her own brother and heal him fully without difficulty. No supernatural entity can survive her or overpower her without massive assistance such as all the archangels and God.


  • Gabriel was the first primordial entity the Winchester brothers encountered. Notably, Gabriel is the youngest and least powerful primordial entity, while the oldest and most powerful one, the Darkness, is the last one they met.

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