Quentin is a historian.


Sam and Dean Winchester visit the Bodega Bay Heritage Society to learn more about an old house, known as the Van Ness House. Quentin explains to Sam and Dean about stories spread by the locals that the old house is haunted, and proceeds to describe these individuals as "idiots".

He introduces the brothers to Whitman Van Ness through an old photograph, and tells them that the house's former owner, Whitman Van Ness, suffered tragedy all his life prior to his death at the end of forty. At Dean's inquiry, Quentin also talked about Dexter O'Connell, who was "an extremely violent man". He described Van Ness as being kind for hiring Dexter as a grounds keeper.

To Sam and Dean's surprise, Quentin describes the house as popular this week, since a red-haired woman had come by asking "all sorts of questions" about the house also. Quentin chose to share the same advice he gave to the woman, informing them to stay away from the house because it is extremely unsafe.