disambiguation: for the hunter in season 12 see Randy Bull

Randy was the surrogate father of Claire Novak.

Overview Edit

After Claire started moving in and out of Group Homes and switching foster families, she ran into Randy, possibly through Randy's other surrogate child, Dustin Tate. Seeing Randy as her salvation, Claire began stealing money to help pay off Randy's debts, which he owed to Salinger, a loan shark.

One day, Claire was reunited with Castiel and she decided to steal his money to give to Randy, however, Randy's current debt was more than what Claire had obtained, so Claire agreed to do an extra job for Randy, who promised her that she and Dustin were all he ever had.

Claire's job was interrupted by Sam and Dean Winchester, so Claire went back to Randy's house, only to find Salinger and his goons there, and Randy tied up. When Salinger said he would reduce Randy's debt in exchange for Claire, Randy rejected on the grounds that Claire was family, however, Salinger argued that Randy was only pretending to be fatherly towards Claire.

Randy stood his ground still, only because the deal had to be good enough in order to be worth someone he deemed as his family, thus proving Salinger's accusation. Randy accepted the deal, and Salinger attempted to rape Claire, but not before Sam, Dean and Castiel arrived to rescue her.

Randy watched the three men take Claire away, but Salinger and his goons managed to disarm Dean and beat on him. This triggered the Mark of Cain's lust for blood, leading Dean to murder everyone in the house, including Randy. Claire screamed upon discovering the corpses.