A Rawhead is a type of creature that lurks in basements and preys upon children.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rawheads are hairy, ragged-looking humanoids with leathery skin. Their hands and feet are clawed.


Season 1Edit


A Rawhead is electrocuted.

Sam and Dean are seen hunting a Rawhead. They go into a basement, where they find a boy and girl hiding in a cupboard. As they are taking the children to safety, the Rawhead ambushes them.

Sam leaves with the children while Dean fights the Rawhead himself. The Rawhead attacks Dean and throws him onto a wet floor. Despite the fact that they are both in a puddle of water, Dean uses his taser to electrocute the Rawhead, killing it but also severely injuring himself too. Dean is later healed by Roy Le Grange.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electrocution - A Rawhead is only vulnerable to electrocution so a weapon such as a taser can kill one.

Known RawheadsEdit