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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Repelling Spell Gif

Rowena's Rage

The repelling spell was a simple spell that was used to repel anything near the caster telekinetically.


This was a spell that was used to repel items in the vicinity of the caster. Rowena, in a rage, used it to push back items in Crowley's room, breaking some of the glass items.

Rowena later used it to send Sam Winchester flying away from her.

While being attacked by Lucifer who was affected by a spell that sped up the decaying process of his vessel, Rowena cast the spell to send the devil to the depths of the ocean.

Boyd Loughlin used the spell to fling Sam across the room.


The user would wave their arms to the side and recite the Latin incantation "Abite!" (later simplified to "Abi!"). Anything in the path would be pushed back.


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