John Milton's church 1

Richard Milton's church is a local church located in Ohio.


Richard Milton was a deacon who served at this church. His daughter, Anna Milton, presumably frequented this place and may have even considered it as a second home.

After Anna began hearing voices, she grew hysterical and started drawing in a sketchbook. Among the many drawings was the stained glass window of her father's church, which she drew repeatedly due to her understanding that demons were among humans.

Anna's paranoia landed her in a mental hospital. When a demon disguised as an orderly tried to capture her, she attacked him and fled to her father's church, a place she felt would make her safe.

Sam and Dean Winchester, who were also in search of Anna, relied on her drawings to learn about the church and Anna's location. The trio - along with Ruby - met in the attic of this church. Their meeting however, was interrupted by the arrival of Alastair, another demon sent to capture Anna.

Ruby took Anna away to a safer place while Dean and Sam confronted Alastair. Unable to defeat him, the brothers decided to jump out of the window. They landed roughly onto the ground, while Alastair chose not to pursue them just yet.



  • The exterior of the church that was used to represent this one was St. Paul's Indian Catholic Church, located in North Vancouver. This same church was also used in "Sin City".