River Grove, Oregon is a town that was infected by the Croatoan Virus.


The Prince of Hell Azazel chose this town as a place to test out the newly-created Croatoan Virus. He assigned a demon to possess Duane Tanner, and begin the virus' spread.

Through visions, Sam was able to predict that something bad was going to happen here. He and Dean came to investigate, only to find that an increasing number of citizens were beginning to behave strangely due to the effects of a demonic virus.

To combat it, Sam and Dean decide to try and use explosives, however, all the infected townspeople suddenly disappear, so they decided to leave.  

Later on, the demon reports back to Azazel to inform him that Sam is indeed immune to the virus, and that he will wipe out the remaining survivors.


  • The town of River Grove, Oregon, is fictional. 
  • There is a city called Rivergrove in Oregon but it is nowhere near Crater Lake. Rivergrove is South of Portland, OR in Clackmas County near Tualatin.