You know, I used to be good with faces, but it's my age and the number of folks that come through this place. I seem to have lost the knack, so... These days, everybody under 40 looks the same to me. I'm sorry.
Rose to Sam and Dean

Rose was a bartender and werewolf from Grangeville, Idaho.

Background Edit

While investigating a string of missing persons, Sam and Dean Winchester stop at a bar for a drink, and question the bartender, Rose, for clues. Rose insists she doesn't recognize anyone in the photos. As they leave, she suggests they check some cabins in the park for the missing hikers, and gives them the location on a map.

That night, Sam and Dean kill two werewolves who were holding Corbin and Michelle Tilghman captive. Rose and another werewolf show up at the cabin, and express disappointment at the other members. She tells her companion that they need to clean up the mess and get out of town. They spend the rest of the night looking for the Winchesters and the Tilghmans, to no avail.

By morning, they track Sam down to a ranger station. Rose's companion enters the station first, and when Rose hears a loud crash, she goes to investigate. She heads down to the basement and discovers Sam, who quickly kills her.

Appearances Edit

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