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Doctor Ross Vincent was a 19th-century literary scholar and serial killer in Supernatural: Nevermore.


Vincent taught English literature at Fordham University and was at one point married to a woman who died, leaving him with a great deal of money. Vincent developed an obsession with Edgar Allan Poe and in particular how he died to the point that it drove him insane and he began looking for a way to resurrect Poe for answers. After finding rituals that were beyond his ability to perform, Vincent eventually found a ritual used by Percival Samuels, a 19th-century spiritualist who Vincent had once written about. Unaware that Samuels' ritual was a fake and instead seeing him as a genius, Vincent set out to use the ritual to resurrect Poe.

In order to perform the ritual, Vincent set out to recreate the deaths in Poe's most famous works. To this end, Vincent kidnapped Marc Reyes and bricked him up behind a wall in an empty house where he would eventually die of suffocation to recreate the Cask of Amontillado. He also murdered Sarah Lowrance, cut her up and buried her beneath the floorboards of an empty apartment so he could later return and recreate the Tell-Tale Heart. He also reenacted Murder on the Rue Morgue by kidnapping an orangutan from the zoo, pumping him full of amphetamines and letting him loose on the spot where the second part of the ritual took place. The orangutan attacked and killed two college students, Kevin Bayer and John Soeder. Once the students were dead, Vincent tranquilized the orangutan and used a burner phone to call 911 with a disguised voice. Vincent also worked on a message board to convince everyone, especially Poe fanatic Arthur Mackey that the murders were not connected and it was just a coincidence.

While Vincent's murders were able to avoid suspicion of being connected from the police due to the murders falling under different precincts, they drew the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester and NYPD Missing Person's detective Marina McBain who knew about the supernatural with all three recognizing the Reyes murder and the two college students murders as being recreations of murders from Edgar Allan Poe. The Winchesters were able to learn from John Winchester's Journal about the ritual being fake and were able to use it to predict the last two locations Vincent would use. Accompanied by Mackey, the Winchesters found Vincent in the apartment he'd hidden Lowrance's remains in, but due to a trip wire left by Vincent and Mackey's ineptness, he was alerted to their presence and ran. Though Dean chased Vincent, he successfully got to his car and escaped. He was later visited by the Winchesters after learning of his work on the message board from Mackey but was able to avoid suspicion from them.

On the Wednesday before the last part of the ritual, Vincent staked out the Church of St. Nicholas of Tolentine to figure out how to use the Bells to perform the final portion of the ritual. As Vincent decided to burn someone alive as he rang the church bells due to a portion of the poem referring to fire, Vincent was approached by Mackey who recognized him and realized Vincent was the killer due to his interest in Poe and his being at the site of the ritual late at night. Unable to bluff his way out, Vincent punched Mackey, but failed to knock him out. As Mackey called Detective McBain, Vincent retrieved a baseball and a fishing line from his car and used the baseball to wind Mackey before destroying his cell phone and tying him up with the fishing line, planning to use Mackey as his last victim.

The next night, as Vincent was in the church preparing for the ritual, the Winchesters and Detective McBain arrived, having learned about Mackey being in trouble and then having figured out what Vincent intended to do for the last part of the ritual. Hearing them in the lower levels of the bell tower, Vincent fired a warning shot at the three and refused to surrender. Dean recognized Vincent's voice and realized who he was before calling him out and telling him the ritual was fake. Using Mackey as a hostage, Vincent descended from the bells and revealed how he was trying to resurrect Poe to find out how he died and the other potential things they could learn about his life. Now completely insane, Vincent refused to surrender and while firing a second warning shot, punctured one of his gas cans in the bells with a ricocheting bullet. Taking notice of the gas, Dean disarmed himself and while Vincent was distracted by Sam, ignited the gas with his lighter. Vincent and the stairway to the bells were set on fire, enabling Sam to rescue Mackey. Dean then used a fire extinguisher to put out the stairs and Vincent who was left burned but alive. With Vincent successfully subdued, Detective McBain arrested him on suspicion of murdering Marc Reyes, Sarah Lowrance, John Soeder and Kevin Bayer, the kidnapping of Arthur Mackey and resisting arrest before calling for backup and an ambulance to deal with Vincent's burns.