Russel Lemmons was a major figure in the music business.


Russel is in his office meditating when Crowley, a friend, pops in and they talk about current events. When Crowley asks about the return of the Ladyhearts, Russel is excited and eager and he wants to give the hair metal band a chance.

He notes that the lead singer Vince Vincente, who ordered the reunion, seems different, much more energized. Crowley demands to know where they will be hosting their new concert, but Russel insists he doesn't know, and that he is very interested in Vince because it will make a lot of money.

Crowley is disgruntled when he learns nothing from Russel, blaming it on Russel's yoga lifestyle. Russel is later seen with Vince and Tommy, complaining that Vince is not behaving and threatens to ruin the band knowing he can as the band's owner. Vince, who is in fact Lucifer, responds by killing Russel with a pen.



  • He's an old business partner of Crowley.
  • Russel claims yoga keeps him from getting angry.