Supernatural was renewed for a thirteenth season by The CW on January 8, 2017. The season will consist of 23 episodes and air on Thursdays at 8PM EST.

It will premiere on October 12, 2017.[1] Preparation will start on June 26 and filming starts on July 10.[2]

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  • The writers returned to work on May 15.
  • It has been reported that Mark Sheppard will not return to the show as a series regular[3], Mark also tweeted he will still attend conventions except for Creation ones in 2018.[4]
  • Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes hinted twice that they're going to be involved in the plot of this season. This was repeated at the JIBCon 2017 by Briana and she also mentioned that it would be "All four of us". However, she might be referring to Wayward Sisters, the upcoming spin-off.
    • They have already read some scripts for the season.
  • The 16th episode of the season will be an animated "Scooby Doo"-crossover.[5] Jared has revealed at the JIBCon 2017 that it will be the 16th episode of the season and he also said that he, Jensen and Misha already recorded their dialogue for the episode during the filming of Who We Are. It will be written by Jeremy Adams and Jim Krieg.[6]
  • Just like in Season 12: Phil Sgriccia, Thomas J. Wright and Robert Singer will direct the first three episodes respectively.




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