Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Uriel and Joshua, but lower in status than archangels. Their exact role in Heaven is unclear. Akobel was sent to watch, observe and learn about humanity.

Physical Appearance

Castiel's true form is known to be the size of the Chrysler Building. Just by exposing his wings, Castiel instilled tremendous terror in the crossroad demon Crowley, causing him to flee.


Seraphim are angels that possess great strength and abilities. Akobel was sent on Earth to gain knowledge about humanity where he met and married Lily Sunder to protect her from the Garrison Captain, Ishim. However, his assassination attempt to kill Ishim failed and he was murdered by Ishim's soldiers. Castiel was an angel whom operated under Ishim, then Anna's command before he was promoted to Garrison Captain. After aiding Sam and Dean for stopping the Apocalypse, God brought him back as a Seraph when he was destroyed by Lucifer. According to Crowley, God brought Castiel to fight against Raphael and prevent from Apocalypse to start once again. His resurrection became a legend among demons and angels thus he was recognized as "God's Chosen".

Seraphim can easily smite lower demons, with minimal effort, whereas a regular angel required far more focus to do so. Castiel, even in a weakened state, was able to intimidate the King of Hell into fleeing when he attempted to smite him. After becoming a Seraph, Castiel began to use a different method to smite beings by generating a white light which burns and kills all of his victims. He used this powers against both demons and monsters, even against an archangel by absorbing 50.000 souls, but he could only banish the archangel from Heaven temporarily. Their strength and endurance is greater compared to lower angels. Unlike lower angels, Seraphim possess their powers even if they are cut off from Heaven. Even in Purgatory, Castiel was able to smite monsters and fight against the Leviathans.

In Lore Seraphim also posses four large wings that are said to hide themselves. In lore it is said no human was able to see what a Seraph looked like or if they did they didn't live to tell the tale.

Powers and Abilities

As stronger class of angels, Seraphim innately possess all the standard powers and more abilities than regular angels, even at a higher level. Unlike lower angels, they don't lose any of their powers after they are cut off from Heaven. Like most of the angels, their strength and abilities were highly affected by Metatron's spell.

  • Angelic Possession - A seraph requires a vessel to manifest physically on Earth. Like all angels, they must bear their consent.
  • Immortality - A seraph, like all angels, by nature, can't die by any natural means of death. They are impervious to bullets, knives, bombs, and any other conventional human ways of killing.
  • Superhuman Stamina - A seraph never tires or gets fatigued. A seraph does not require food, sleep, or oxygen.
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    Castiel fights with Leviathans in Purgatory

    Super Strength - As a higher class of angel endowed with greater strength, seraphs are extremely strong. They can lift at least 1 ton, as demonstrated by Castiel when he lifted an anvil with no difficulty, and they can easily overpower and destroy most beings. However, their strength is not a match for an archangel. Castiel was also strong enough to fight against two Leviathan even overpowering and hurting one, when regular angels are easily overpowered and killed by them instantly. Castiel was able to rupture a stone wall just by touching it.
  • Biokinesis - A seraph is able to cure a human turning into a monster. Castiel was able to stop Dean from becoming a Jefferson Starship.
  • Telepathy - A seraph can easily read the minds of humans. By touching Rowena's forehead, Castiel was able to dig into her mind and see a vision of the one person she loved.
  • Dream Walking - Castiel was able to enter Fred Jones' dream. He was even able to take Sam with him.
  • Pyrokinesis - A seraph can generate and manipulate fire.
  • Healing - A seraph can heal others from severe wounds. Castiel was able to regrow a cut off finger on a human and heal gunshot wounds with ease. However, some things are beyond their power to heal as when Sam Winchester was damaged on a subatomic level from his trials, Castiel said it was beyond his power to fix. Castiel was also unable to heal the damage to Amelia Novak from Tamiel, a Grigori who was feeding on her soul.
  • Resurrection - A seraph can bring back the dead as seen when Castiel effortlessly resurrected Bobby Singer minutes after becoming one.
  • Invisibility - A seraph can become invisible to humans.
  • Smiting - As all angels, a seraph is able to burn out the eyes of humans, monsters, and demons, killing them. While in Purgatory, Castiel attempted to smite a Leviathan but was unable to.
  • Regeneration - Like all angels, Seraphs can heal from injuries inflicted upon them. However, wounds caused by angelic weapons take longer to heal. They can't heal the damage inflicted by Lance of Michael.
  • Reality Warping - A seraph possesses reality warping abilities. Castiel was able to assemble a game by simply shaking the box and later fill a vial with his blood simply by cupping it.
  • Mental Manipulation - A seraph can manipulate, erase or restore a person's perceptions and memories of events. Castiel was able to erase Lisa and Ben's memories of Dean and later show Dean the true version of what happened when he escaped Purgatory. He was also able to transfer Sam's madness into his own mind.
  • Soul Reading/Channeling - Castiel has shown the ability to read a person's soul to check the marker of another angel had left there, see if there is a soul there and check the state of the soul. He has also displayed the ability to channel power from a human soul, though this had to be done very gingerly and could result in the death of the human if done wrong.
  • Power Negation - A seraph is capable of removing powers from empowered humans, however, it can leave them mentally damaged to do so and is very painful to the individual losing the power.
  • Photokinesis - As a seraph, Castiel was able to emit white light. Even while weakened from his time in Purgatory, the threat of Castiel using this power against the King of Hell Crowley forced him to retreat. He can kill, heal or banish beings by using this power.
  • Vessel Locking - A seraph can hold a demon in smoke form as if it was tangible and force the demon to return to its vessel. This was demonstrated by Castiel on Ellsworth.
  • Animal Communication - Castiel was able to speak to and understand a cat.
  • Astral Projection - Like other angels, Seraphim can display their wings in a show of intimidation. Castiel showed his wings while threatening to smite Crowley and later after regaining his grace and status as a Seraph.
  • Mental Projection - Upon his return from Purgatory, Castiel's attempts to reach out to Dean caused an image of him to appear beside the road and outside a window. Castiel's weakened state caused these images to only last a very short period of time before disappearing however.
  • Hypnotism - By touching his hand to a Secret Service agent's forehead, Castiel was able to make him believe that there was no one in a motel room but Kelly Kline.

Former Powers

Castiel's grace was stolen by Metatron in order to cast a spell to expel all angels from Heaven. After retrieving his original grace, Castiel regained his wings but they were damaged. Because of the condition of his wings, he wasn't able to access some of his powers anymore.

  • Apporting - A seraph could teleport a human or monster before they lost their wings.
  • Chronokinesis - A seraph can travel through time, with greater ease than lower angels, and they are also able to send others either forward or backwards through time, with the same ease. They can send others through time without having to travel with them as well. They can also bend (freezing and speeding up) the time.
  • Teleportation - A seraph can teleport from one place to another instantly. Castiel, was able to poke into Lucifer's Cage and grab Sam, but couldn't get his soul from the grasp of Lucifer and Michael.


  • Primordial Entities - Death can kill a seraph, even when one was enhanced by millions of souls. God, the creator of all angels, can kill and resurrect them at will, as well as block their powers or upgrading their powers. The Darkness has easily killed angels and could even kill archangels like Lucifer as she easily tortured him and stopped his powers before he was saved.
  • Higher Angels - An Archangel can easily kill a seraph.
  • Angel Blade - An angel blade is able to kill a seraph.
    • Angel Blade Bullets - A bullet made by melting one or more angel blades could seriously injure a seraph, possibly killing them if shot fatally.
  • Angel banishing sigil - When activated, such a mark can temporarily banish a seraph. If the seraph is wounded, it might kill the seraph.
  • Leviathans - Being older than angels in general, Leviathans are able to possess, kill, and prevent seraphs from using their abilities, and are physically stronger as they have overpowered angels in all fights.
  • Eve - Eve could negate a seraph's powers.
  • Common Angelic Weaknesses - A seraph is vulnerable against Holy Oil, Heaven's weapons, etc.
  • Lance of Michael - It fatally poisons any angel stabbed with it, including a seraph, as it was designed by Michael to kill his brother Lucifer, the second most powerful archangel. A stab was going to kill Castiel if Crowley had not saved him by breaking the Lance, which canceled its magical effect of poisoning Castiel before he died.

Known Seraphs



  • In lore, Seraphs are a type of Angel that are known for continually worshiping and praising God, which they do day and night. Their form is burning and fiery, and has six enormous feathered wings, two covering their face, and two covering their feet, and two with which they fly. Seraphs are claimed to be so powerful and holy, that any human that looks upon them in their true form will die. Unlike other angels in Christian lore, seraphs have the ability to purify sin, control and manipulate fire, light, and inflame human emotions and thoughts. Even inflame God's holy love on to a human as well. Along with the Cherubim (which have four faces - ox, lion, eagle and man - and four wings and also cow's feet) and Ophanim/Thrones (celestial wheels with inner wheels covered in eyes and sometimes wings), the Seraphim typically represent the highest sphere of Angels in Christian lore, and it should be noted that although 'Archangel' is the second to lowest rank, Satan/Lucifer has been named as a Cherub and a Chief Seraph in some texts. Judaism, by contrast, ranks Seraphim as fifth in the angelic hierarchy. The literature describes them as beings with six wings: two to cover their face with, two to cover their legs with and two to fly with.
  • Both Castiel and Akobel showed sympathy towards humans.