He is so brave.
— Sherri talking about Dean.

Sherri was in the City Bank of Milwaukee when Ronald Reznick took everyone hostage.


In hopes of preventing the "mandroid" from escaping the bank, Ronald takes everyone - including Sam and Dean - hostage.

However, a shapshifter is inside the bank and tries to take on different forms to avoid detection. Its latest choice is Sherri. The shifter takes on the form of her dead body, to make the Winchesters go after the real one and accuse her of being the shifter.

However, the real Sherri faints during interrogation, and the brothers realize the corpse is the shifter. Dean eventually tracks it down and kills it.

Afterwards, Sherri and the other survivors are escorted from the building by the SWAT team.



  • Actress Georgia Craig said in an interview that the Supernatural crew worked like "a well oiled machine". 

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