The Singer Family is a family who resided in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Known membersEdit

  • Ed Singer (deceased) - The abusive father of Bobby Singer and former patriarch of the family. Ed was shot dead by his son while Ed was abusing his wife.
  • Mrs. Singer - Ed's wife and Bobby's mother. Mrs. Singer suffered abuse at her husband's hands, but when Bobby killed her husband to save her, Mrs. Singer reprimanded Bobby since she believed God was going to punish him. Her current status is unknown.
  • Bobby Singer (deceased) - A veteran hunter and a father-figure to Sam and Dean. Bobby owned a Salvage Yard where he fixed old cars, on top of being a lore provider for various hunters. He was killed by Dick Roman, after which his spirit remained until it was time to leave. At Crowley's behest, Bobby spent a year in Hell before he was restored to Heaven. After he assisted in a mission to free Metatron, it is unknown what became of his ghost.
  • Karen Singer (deceased) - Bobby's wife. Karen became possessed by a demon, forcing the inexperienced Bobby to fatally wound her. Years after her death, she was brought back as a zombie by Death before being killed again by Bobby.


  • Sam and Dean Winchester - Bobby's adopted sons and fellow hunters. Bobby has known them since they were kids and often allows them to stay at his house. Bobby often assisted in various cases by providing law or reinforcement. Even after his death, Bobby continued to provide assistance, even at the cost of his own safety.
  • Castiel - An ally of Sam and Dean and thus an ally of Bobby. The two had worked together since The Apocalypse and continued to do so until their deaths in 2012, after which Castiel was resurrected while Bobby remained dead. They worked together on more time in 2015 to infiltrate Heaven and free Metatron from prison.
  • Jody Mills - The Sheriff of Sioux Falls who has known Bobby for quite some time. Although initially hostile since Jody saw Bobby as a little more than a drunk, she became a close ally after discovering the truth about hunting. Jody has even broken the law to help Bobby. At one point, Jody accidentally discovered the Leviathans' weakness to Borax leading Bobby to kiss her. Their relationship remained friendly until Bobby's death. Much like Bobby, Jody acts as a maternal figure to Sam and Dean.
  • Rufus Turner (deceased) - Bobby's longtime hunting partner and the man who introduced Bobby to hunting. The two share a friendly relationship with normal, everyday banter. Bobby would inadvertently kill Rufus when a Khan Worm took possession of him.
  • Ellen and Jo Harvelle (deceased) - Bobby was on good times with fellow hunters Ellen and Jo. Bobby worked with the former on a few major cases such as shutting the Gates of Hell in Wyoming and trying to assassinate Lucifer at William Jasper's Farm. He was saddened by their deaths and burned a photograph he took with them as a substitute for a funeral. In an alternate reality, Bobby marries Ellen and becomes Jo's stepfather.


  • Demons - A demon took possession of Karen during her marriage to Bobby. As Bobby didn't know about monsters at the time, he fatally wounded his wife in attempt to save her. Rufus Turner arrived and was able to exorcise the demon, but Karen died regardless. Bobby himself would later become possessed by an unnamed demon who tried to kill Dean. Bobby fought back and killed the demon at the cost of his own mobility.
  • Lucifer (deceased) - Lucifer's desire to begin The Apocalypse led to the resurrection of many deceased Sioux Falls residents, who came back as zombies. Bobby was forced to kill his wife a second time before she started losing her sanity, like other zombies. During the confrontation at Stull Cemetery, Lucifer killed Bobby in retaliation for Bobby shooting at him. Bobby was resurrected by Castiel after Lucifer's defeat.
  • Crowley (deceased) - Crowley has been known to manipulate and use Bobby for his own gain. Crowley once made a deal for Bobby's soul in exchange for information regarding Death, so he could use Bobby as leverage. He refused to return Bobby's soul until he was threatened with his own life. Crowley was, however, willing to let Bobby keep his mobility. Crowley would go on to trap Bobby's soul in Hell for safekeeping, leading Bobby to suffer 100 years worth of torture. Before his death, Bobby had also tried to stop Crowley from opening Purgatory.
  • Reapers - Upon his second death, Bobby tried to evade a reaper in hopes of staying behind and helping Sam and Dean fight the Leviathans. After agreeing to be put to rest, Bobby was taken to Hell by a reaper serving Crowley, thus preventing him from ascending to Heaven until Sam came to rescue him.


  • Because of Bobby Singer, the Singer Family is the most recurring family in the entire series, second only to the Winchester Family.