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Implosion smiting


Soul enhanced smiting

Cain's smiting

Smiting is a powerful ability where a being kills another being by touching them.

Angels can inherently smite most demons and monsters (except Leviathan and Eve) as well as humansArchangels and Seraphim can smite demons effortlessly and kill them instantly. When it comes to regular angels, it takes more concentration and if they are too physically or mentally weak, it will not work and they will only be able to smite black-eyed demons but not high-tier ones, such as Alastair. It is implied that an angel cannot smite a demon out side of a vessel, as Castiel pushed a demon back into its host, while trying to escape, before smiting it. If a demon or human has been smote, the vessel's eyes light up with a white holy light, burning the eyes and killing the demon. Apparently, Angels can control how powerful their smite is, and can choose if it will kill them, or simply burn out their eyes.

Another form of this smiting is displayed by Sam Winchester multiple times, most notably on Lilith and Alastair, only after drinking much demon blood. This demonic version seems to make the demon glow with yellow light that illuminates the skeleton - similar to the Colt and the demon-killing knife - then the demon and vessel die.

Sam Winchester was able to smite a high-level demon, Alastair, by using his mind after he drank a lot of demon blood.

The demon Cain displayed a similar power except the light was red instead of white.


The angels of Heaven were also able to combine their powers into one single focused smite to attempt to take down Amara. The skies began to swirl with thunder and lightning and rained down a beam of wrath and destruction upon the Darkness. This kind of smite has such power that it can cause some kind of supernatural fallout which negatively effects humans that approach, it gradually gets worse as they get closer to ground zero, as Dean had vision blurred and got nauseous when approaching the area. It is called Smiting Sickness. The angels already used this kind of smite at least twice: in Sodom and Gomorrah. Castiel explains that if a human approach to much from the area that was smite by the angels will turn into salt, much like Lot's wife.

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