Smitty was a demon minion of the King of the Crossroads Crowley.


Smitty worked for the King of the Crossroads Crowley who called Smitty one of his "droogs." Smitty was one of the demons who searched for the First Blade on Crowley's behalf for decades. Smitty eventually got wind of Abaddon's protégé who claimed knowledge of the First Blade. However, before Smitty could track down the protégé, the protégé was captured and exorcised by hunters John Winchester and Tara, ending Smitty's attempt to find information through the protégé.

In 2014, Crowley approached John's son Dean for help in finding the First Blade. Crowley told Dean about Smitty, stating that the closest he ever got to finding the First Blade was when Smitty learned about Abaddon's protégé and how Smitty's efforts were stymied by John exorcising the protégé demon. With the help of John Winchester's Journal, files in his lock-up and Tara, they are able to learn what the protégé knew about the Knights of Hell and the First Blade.

It is unknown what ultimately happened to Smitty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


As a regular low-level demon, he possessed all the weaknesses of one.


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