Soul Absorption is the ability to extract a soul and feed on them for survival (like Crocottas) or to increase one's own powers (like Angels).

Soul ConsumptionEdit

Creatures who feeds on souls:

  • Crocottas - Crocottas need to feed on human souls for survival.
  • Shtrigas - Shtrigas have the ability to feed on a person's spiritus-vitae or life-force (a concept very connected and used interchangeably with the soul).
  • Soul Eater - A creature that drags people's souls into their "Nest" to consume them.
  • Tzitzimimeh - (tie-in Novels only) their bite consumes the soul of their victims, turning them into zombie that go after other people's souls.

Soul AbsorptionEdit

Creatures who absorbs souls in order to increase their power:

  • Archangels/Seraphim/Grigori - Higher angels have the ability to absorb souls, an ability that makes them more powerful (Castiel for example was powerful enough to smite Raphael with a snap of his fingers after he absorbed millions of monsters' souls from Purgatory).
  • The Darkness - She is able to consume any kind of souls (humans' and demons') and the grace of angels.
  • Famine - The Horsemen was able to consume souls.
  • Whitman Van Ness (only ghosts) - Whitman was able to "drain" ghosts to gain greater power (destroying the ghosts in the process).

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