My plans for you, Sammy. You... and all the children like you.

Special Children refers to children to whom Azazel fed his blood when they were babies, having snuck into their homes after making a deal with their parents.

The result was that the blood caused the children to develop supernatural abilities in them so they could serve as generals in Lucifer's army against humanity and God. These abilities could be strengthened by the consumption of demon blood.

Around Season 2, Azazel wanted to test these children to find who would be the strongest, so he put them in an abandoned town called Cold Oak and told them only one could survive. This eventually triggered a competition amongst the Children. Azazel led everyone to believe that he wanted a leader for his demon army.

However, as it was later revealed, the endgame was bigger than just leading a demon army. Azazel chose the children because they were all potential vessels for Lucifer. The strongest one would be chosen to contain Lucifer throughout the Apocalypse. Sam Winchester was the sole survivor and so, despite his greatest efforts, was taken over by Lucifer both as a result of being a Special Child and also because of his predetermined destiny as Lucifer's true vessel.

List of Known Special ChildrenEdit

Powers And Abilities Edit

Being fed by Azazel himself, Special Children were very powerful and possessed powers that could be used on humans and demons. However in order to enhance their abilities, they had to drink demon blood which was an addictive substance.

  • Immunity - Special Children were completely immune to demonic powers when they drank enough demon blood. Alastair was not able to throw away Sam as he did with Dean. Also a special child, cannot affect another one with powers such as mind controlling.
  • Precognition - Sam and Ava were able too see into the distant future and people who were in danger.
  • Telekinesis - Max and Sam were able to move objects with their minds.
  • Mind Control - Andrew, Ansem and Jake were able to control the minds of normal humans.
  • Demonic Control - Ava was able able to control an Acheri to do her bidding.
  • Super Strength - Jake was able to lift a Jeep and easily snap Ava's neck. He overpowered Sam without effort.
  • Biokinesis - Lily was able to stop people's heart after physical contact.
  • Electrokinesis - Scott was able to shock a cat by touching it.
  • Exorcism - Sam was able to expel a demon from its host and send it back to Hell simply by raising his hand. While using his abilities under the influence of Famine's hunger, Sam was able to exorcise five demons from within the Horseman himself.
  • Demon Smiting - Sam was able to kill every type of demon with his mind, even the oldest one. However his powers weren't tested against a Knight of Hell or a Prince of Hell and killing Lilith required him to drink an entire demon worth of demon blood and more from Ruby which exhausted his powers completely afterwards.


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